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Media / Application stories / Atlas Copco Simba M4C wins its first battle in Xingshan iron mine

Atlas Copco Simba M4C wins its first battle in Xingshan iron mine


Xingshan iron mine made China’s first purchase of Atlas Copco Simba M4C production drilling rig at the end of 2012 and exerted its efficacy to the greatest extent in only half a year.

Atlas Copco China - Simba M4C Drilling Rig

Atlas Copco Simba M4C Drilling Rig

Xingshan Iron mine was the first mine of Shougang Mining Company that was transformed from open mining to underground operation. The mine was completed and put into use in July 2012. The ore output was approx. 3,200 k t/a.

General Conditions of Xingshan Mine
The ore type here is poor magnetite with mainly magnetite and some pyrite. Ore is in granular structure and is banded or gneissic; rocks are mainly biotite leptynite, leucoleptite, plagioclase amphibolite and migmatite.

The exploration system was main and auxiliary shafts with ramps. Equipment can access the ramps and enter the operation site. The dimension of main ramp section is 4.6 m wide and 4 m high; and the maximum gradient of the ramp is15 %. The mining method is sublevel caving without sill pillar. The sublevel height at the early stage is 15 m, with an approach spacing of 20 m; and that at the later stage is 20 m, with an approach spacing of 22 m.

The Use of Simba M4C Rig
On January 20, 2013, the Simba M4C drilling rig was officially put into use and by. July 8, the accumulated impact time of the rig reached 1,095 hours with total penetration depth of 41,500 m, and quality rate of medium and deep holes at 97 %, with qualified length of 40,250 m. With a utilization rate of 64.5 %, the average penetration length can reach 7,300 m and the general penetration efficiency is 15 m/h, 500m more than monthly average production length and 1.2 m/h higher than the average penetration rate compared to that of Atlas Copco Simba 1354 drilling rig which is working in the same area. Moreover, the maximum penetration record for the Simba M4 C in one single day is 465 m (8.6 h impact times) and the maximum penetration rate is 54 m/h.

Song Xudong, Associate of Mine Chief of Xingshan Iron mine of Shougang Mining Company, said: “This rig offers automatic penetration function, which can significantly reduce manual time and improve the drilling efficiency. It is equipped with a COP1838 HF drifter, which is still in a very good condition after running for 1,100 hours.”

It is known that Xingshan Iron mine has now 12 units of  Atlas Copco drilling rigs: 6 units of Boomer 282 drilling rigs, 5 units of Simba 1354 drilling rigs and 1 unit of Simba M4C drilling rig and, in addition, 1unit of Atlas Copco Boltec 235 bolting rig.

After using for a certain period, Mr. Song thinks the advantages of a Simba M4C drilling rig are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
  1. Easy operation; a row of medium and deep holes can be automatically finished after setting parameter, which reduces labor intensity;
  2. Automation can avoid wrong operation caused by human. Rod handling is even smooth and the service life of mechanic arms increases;
  3. More efficient than Simba 1354;
  4. Higher drilling accuracy, the accuracy of angle and depth of medium and deep holes can reach 0.01degree and 0.01 meter, respectively;
  5. The rig can be operated by remote wireless control at a later stage, or an operator for several rigs;
  6. The rig can self-diagnose some electrical faults and the fault positions can be directly positioned.
To help clients maintain the world-leading drilling rig, Atlas Copco also established a 12-member training team to technically train the related staff of Xingshan Iron mine for 12 days.

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