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STATS ChipPAC Shanghai Heat Recovery Project


The STATS ChipPAC Shanghai Heat Recovery Project, recently approved by Shanghai Energy Saving Center, will help customers save 2.5 million RMB a year, resulting in a saving of 611 tons of standard coal a year and a reduction of 460 tons of CO2 emission. This provides significant economic and social benefits as well as environmental benefits. Atlas Copco brings values to customers and the society with advanced concepts and technology.

Atlas Copco China STATSChipPAC 2011
STATS ChipPAC is a world leading semiconductor packaging and testing company. Its Shanghai office has more than 10 Atlas Copco air compressors in total. Most of their air compressors are 315kW or higher models. That means these machines require a great amount of energy. Today, energy saving and emission reduction are concerned by more and more businesses. It has been a direct need for companies to minimize energy consumption and production cost. Heat recovery products offered by Atlas Copco can meet such needs by meeting production requirements and recovering redundant heat for reuse. These products not only help customers minimize energy consumption required by all facilities and bring cost-efficiency, but also comply with national energy saving and emission reduction requirements.
We can know more about this project through the following data: the project involves the heat recovery improvement of 4 air compressors, ZR250, ZR315, ZR355 and ZR400. The construction duration is expected to be two months. Once completed, the project will provide customers automatically heated water at temperature of 25℃ and 45℃. It will completely replace the boiler steam supply, saving over 2.5 million RMB a year. This will provide significant economic benefits. With such benefits, the client is planning for another new heat recovery project.
Major technical specifications for the project are listed as follows:
1) The heated water from MD can heat the tap water from normal temperature up to 25℃. The original steaming system has been completely replaced.

2) The heated water recovered from the air compressors, ranging from 25-50℃, is controlled at 45-50℃ by the temperature control valve.

3) A vertical after-cooler is added between the air compressors and the MD dryers to ensure the MD dew point and safety operation.

4) An energy meter is installed to measure heat recovery rate.

5) The pump unit is highly reliable and easy to install by integrating the water pump and the heat exchanger.

6) The pump unit is controlled by PLC with a touch screen, displaying heat recovery information and pump operation.
When the project is completed, the transformed equipment maintains stable operation and provides the client with continuous heated water while this energy used to be discharged to the environment as a waste. During the World Expo period, Mr. Nico Delveaux, President of CTS, organized the acceptance ceremony of the project and met representatives from STATS ChipPAC. The implementation performance of the project was highly recognized.
Today, we can easily see that the concept of energy saving and emission reduction has been widely acknowledged by the society. We believe that the whole society, market and legal authorities will require businesses to go down this track. Therefore, we are convinced that energy saving services will have great potential for further development.

For further information please contact: 
Hai Long Jia, Aftermarket Product Specialist 
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