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Media / Application stories / Wuxi Feihong experiences 1st innovative intelligent GHS VSD+ Vacuum Pump from Atlas Copco

Wuxi Feihong experiences 1st innovative intelligent GHS VSD+ Vacuum Pump from Atlas Copco


The GHS 350-900 VSD+ Series is a range of new generation, intelligent, oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology from Atlas Copco. Based on the well-known and durable plug-and-play design principles of Atlas Copco compressors, these vacuum pumps have been designed by vacuum engineers to deliver peak performance at your operating pressure.

First GHS VSD  Vacuum Pump in Wuxi Feihong
The First User: Experience Unprecedented Stable and Efficient
GHS VSD+ series vacuum pump embraced its first group of customers soon after launch into the market in this March. Wuxi Feihong COB factory became the first one to install this vacuum pump and put into use.
Wuxi Feihong, founded in 1989, is one of the specialized suppliers of precision COB components for major watch makers that produce analog quartz watches.

Mr. Shi Tingmei, equipment supervisor of Wuxi Feihong said, "Our main products include watch PCB packaging, SMT, COB bonding, smart public transportation card, smart bank card manufacturing. Vacuum pump is one of our most important equipment to provide pneumatic power that is essential for all the products in the assembly line. We used to have local fixed speed rotary vane vacuum pumps, however, they are unstable, and have negative effects on production. For example, overheating after running long time may lead to sharp efficiency dropping, and affect the production significantly. Rotary vane is also easy to wear, and cause further decline of the efficiency, therefore requires frequent maintenance. As our production lines are operating 24 hours without interruption, therefore, we need vacuum pumps to be able to withstand these challenges.
As the equipment supervisor, vacuum pump efficiency is the biggest concern I have to address. That’s why I was attracted by new Atlas Copco GHS VSD+ vacuum pump. Currently, the air compressors running at our company are also from Atlas Copco, which have proved their reliability and quality. Is this latest VSD screw vacuum pump exactly what we’re looking for? We decided to give it a try!”

"Atlas Copco GHS VSD+ vacuum pump has demonstrated its strength during the past few months. GHS VSD+ vacuum pump is compact and neat, and able to operate efficiently with lower noise and a stable throughput sufficient for the production line. Therefore, there is no reason for the equipment department to worry about the insufficient supply of compressed air and negatively impact operation, at the same time, only need to pay less electricity bill than before, which will benefits us greatly in the long run. We’re impressed by the significant efficiency improvements derived from technology innovation." Mr. Shi noted.

Mr. Wu Hua,sales supervisor of Atlas Copco AVR department, added, "As a replacement solution, the GHS VSD+ Series offers a very low lifecycle cost. Generally the payback time against existing oil-lubricated or dry vane installations will be much less than two years, considering power and maintenance costs alone, without taking into account the ease of installation. For new equipment, lifecycle cost of the vacuum pump can be cut by around 50%.”

For further information, please contact:

Jane Li
Communication Manager, Compressor Technique
Atlas Copco (Shanghai) Trading Co.,Ltd
Phone: +86 21 6108 2388

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