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Atlas Copco Mining and Rock Excavation Technique (Integrated Mining and Rock Excavation Solutions)

Underground Rock Excavation Solutions

Boomer T1 D
  • Boomer T1D Underground Face Drilling Rig-Flexible& Compact, suitable for narrow vein mining
Boomer T1D face drilling rig adopts diesel-powered tramming, electrically driven and hydraulically controlled drilling. It is equipped with a BUT4B boom, availablewithCOP1638, COP1838 or COP2238 rock drills for different customer requirements.The drilling coverage area can reach 23.3 m2. It stands only 1.3 meters wide and is uniquely suitable for narrow vein mining. Meanwhile, medium-length or long hole drills are optional for medium-length or long hole mining operations.

Rocket Boomer L2D
  • Boomer L2 D two-boom face drilling rig, with high productivity and stable performance
Boomer L2 D face drilling rig adopts diesel- powered tramming, electrically driven and hydraulically controlled drilling. It is equipped with two BUT35 booms, available with COP1638, COP1838 or COP2238 rock drills for different customer requirements. The drilling coverage area can reach 104m2.Meanwhile HL 210 service platform is optional for auxiliary work in operations.

Scooptram ST7 at Lovisa Mine in Sweden
  • Scooptram ST7, suitable for medium and small underground mines
ST7 is a reliable diesel-powered LHD with a tramming capacity of 6.8 tons. It is suitable for high-productivity operations in medium and small underground mines. It is equipped with Rig Control System (RCS) and is capable of automated operation when the mine is equipped with a complete LHD automation system.

Atlas Copco GIA 2012 - Haggloader-7hr
  • Haggloader 7HRdigging arm loader
Haggloader 7HR digging arm loader has an electric or diesel powered hydraulic system. Theelectric&hydraulic dual driving system results in low power consumption and good on-site air quality. The unique digging arm may load the materials directly to the conveyor belt which makes the loading operation continuous, stable, and efficient. The bottom scraping plate may effectively clean up the ground without manual cleaning. The digging arm system may accomplish certain lifting or scaling operations and can be repaired with the use of standard steel plates. The conveyor belt is adjustable to match different loading heights. The loader dramatically reduces the use of passing bays, the quantity of tunnel excavation, and the wear of tires.

Surface Drilling and Crushing& Screening Solutions

  • AirROC D45 SH Semi-pneumatic hydraulic DTH Drill Rig – Economical, Simple and Reliable
AirROC D45 SH semi-pneumatic hydraulic DTH drill rig is compact and simple. AirROC D45SH can realize rotation, tramming and positioning operations with its own power. Easy operation, flexibility, and simplicity bring easier maintenance. Two position controls make the operation safer. The standard two-stage dry type dust collector makes the rig environment friendly and outstanding among similar machines. The rig offers better economics if used with single stage screw type highpressure compressor.

FlexiROC T35
  • FlexiROC T35 Hydraulic Top-hammer Drill Rig – Under constant improvement
FlexiROC T35 (originally known as ROC D7) hydraulic top-hammer drill rig has been put into extensive use since 1999 when it was launched. Its flexibility and high productivity has impressed customers and received good comments. Today, FlexiROC T35 is reaching its perfection under constant improvement.

FlexiROC D50
  • FlexiROC D50 hydraulic DTH Drill Rig – A rig for high productivity
FlexiROC D50 (originally known as ROC L6) hydraulic DTH drill rig, equipped with highpressure compressor, is suitable for blasthole drilling in all rock conditions including soft, medium-hard and extremely hard rocks in quarries, open pit mines and various benches and meets the requirement of maximum productivity.Its state-of-the-art technology, efficiency and mobility have received good comments from customers around the world. In China, FlexiROC D50 has been widely used in cement mines, open-pit metal mines, and quarries.

PC 5
  • Powercrusher PC5 Impact Crusher
Powercrusher PC5 impact crushers are robustlyconstructed to stand up to the toughest conditions and havehuge output capacities.Years of valuable customer inputhave allowed for the optimization of these impact units.Large GRP covers allow for ease of access for service andmaintenance.The double deck independent grizzly sectionoperates separately from the Hardoxhopper and offers excellentefficiency and effectively reduces the consumption of wearing parts. PC5 can be used as primary or secondary crushing units. The unique geometry of the Atlas Copco units means that the rotor/swing beam positioning produces first class end products and makes the crusher a world leader of crushing unit design and manufacturing. The unit can be equipped with a mainconveyor mounted screen box.

  • Rock Buggy & SpeedCut
Rock Buggy - a small, compact, four-wheel drive tophammer drill rig, is the Atlas Copco’shighproductivity and wide coverage rig for the dimension stone industry. Rock Buggy is a hydraulicdrillingmobile unit, totally independent and suitable for vertical drilling on any type of rock.

SpeedCut is the fastest diamond wire cutting machine available on the market. The product finds its application in the dimension stone industry.

Exploration and Geotechnical Drilling Solutions

AC China - C8C
  • Boyles C8C core drilling rig – the best helper for exploration and geotechnical drilling companies
Exploration drilling companies are constantly looking for ways to increase productivity and reduce costs. Thanks to Atlas Copco’s commitment to sustainable productivity, we can match these needs by continuously developing our core drilling rigs. Boyles C8C full-hydraulic surface core drilling rig, the latest Atlas Copco exploration drilling rig, has been developed to set a new level of safety and user-friendly reliability. C8C rig, with drilling capacity of 1,830m in N size, is always at home in almost any environment.