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Media / Calendar / CHINAPLAS 2013 - The 27th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries

CHINAPLAS 2013 - The 27th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries

Atlas Copco GP High Pressure Air Compressor Series

Customer-delighted Design

P27_High pressure comp 1.tif
Although compressors are placed in separate compressor rooms for a long time, air is still the critical supply source in high pressure air applications (e.g. PET EU or aeronautic application). Compressors with poor performance or poor quality air shall have negative effect on the continuity and profit of your business, even on the reputation of your products and enterprise.

In addition, the production of compressed air requires a large amount of energy, so wise choice will bring you real energy-saving effect. It is important that you consider the factors other than procurement price, taking all aspects into account, such as quality and lifetime of equipment and components, operation cost, installation and possible movement expenses, direct expenses for energy consumption and maintenance, and indirect expense and production loss caused by unexpected down-time.

  • Standard container-type compressor, shipped without dismantling.
  • Service life of air filter element: 8000 hrs
  • Service life of oil filter up to 8000 hrs, easy and fast replacement, with extended maintenance cycle and lowered maintenance cost
  • Brand-new designed screw rotor, realizing an energy consumption reduction of 5% - 6%
  • TEFC IP55 high-efficient motor (Class F insulation, Class B temperature rise)
  • RXD synthesized oil, with better lubricating property, and a service life up to 8000 hrs