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Media / Calendar / 14th China International NGV and Gas Station Equipment Expo

14th China International NGV and Gas Station Equipment Expo

In the ear calling for clean energy, the term "natural gas" has caught everyone’s attention more than ever. As various natural gas use policy introduced by the government, projects in which natural gas is used as the alternative fuel are well under the way. In light of their distinctive advantages, different large consortiums such as Petro China, Sinopec, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) have set foot in this field, together with unrelentingly competitive non-governmental capitals.

Masters of Air -  CNG compressor used in gas station
CNG compressor plays a critical role in CNG gas stations, which has emerged in large numbers in different places in recent years, representing the most typical and rapidly spread application in natural gas projects. The maturing market has raised users’ requirements for compressor, they begin to take the full operational life cycle of the equipment into consideration, that is energy efficient, green, safe, and easy-to-maintain, rather than the price factor in the old days.

CNG stations

Atlas Copco China - Atlas Copco CNG compressor
Among the operation costs calculated based on years of practices by earlier investors on CNG gas station, power consumption by compressors stands for 90% of the total. When the investors failed to find a substitute highly efficient in energy saving in the market, Atlas Copco duly launched the VIP-HE2-27 frequency inverting CNG compressor which is energy efficient and convenient. Featuring frequency inverting drive, the frequency inverting motor rotates at 1485rpm. Though, discharge of the compressor is almost twice that of our competitors’ (imported), power consumption by its motor is only two thirds that of the competitors’, which fully embodies its energy efficient feature. This substation compressor alone saves up to 20-30 thousand yuan of electric charge. The reason for the high efficiency of BBR substation compressor lies in the direct coupling between compressor and the power source. Such direct-coupled drive has no conveyor belt power consumption, and there is no transverse bearing load on its crankshaft and bearing, which makes it safer. Moreover, its pressurized crankcase is designed to ensure no gas leakage loss or greenhouse gas pollution, and in the meantime saves up to 3% gas than ordinary crankcases, which is worth at least about 7000 yuan when converted into economic loss, so it is economical and green. In order to reduce vibration, decrease device wear and maximize the maintenance period and life cycle of equipment, BBR substation compressors and all INTERMECH Rhino series adopt horizontally-opposed dynamic balance. Smooth operation and low vibration have lowered the demand for the base, making it plug-and-play. The whole compressor is compact, convenient for installation and greatly save the valuable land resources. What’s more, it is very convenient in that its air-cooled cooling design uses finned air-cooled heat exchanger which is reliable, maintenance-free, in no need for replacement or sewage removal, cooling tower, water pump and water jacket.