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Atlas Copco SmartRigTM reduces the noise in China


Dec 2008, Beijing, China

Over 200 drillers in the world can not be wrong. They have chosen the Atlas Copco SmartRig. The SmartRig is Atlas Copco´s surface drill rig automation concept. With a modern modular control system and options such as the silencing kit, it is the perfect choice for densily populated areas, such as in China. Have a closer look at the Silenced SmartRig ROC D9C at boothNo E44/F45in Bauma China 2008. 
Silenced for urban areas
The Silenced SmartRig was developed to allow operations in noise-restricted urban areas. Substantial efforts have been put into redesigning components and soundproofing enclosures, resulting in a 10dB(A) external noise reduction to 113 dB(A). Inside the cab, this is further reduced, to just 75dB(A). Says Patrick Ye, Business Line Manager, Atlas Copco China:
- We have recently delivered the first Silenced SmartRig on theChinese market,a ROC D7C with Silent kit,and have others on orders.  The customer,China State Construction Eng. (HK)Ltd., uses  it inthe Anderson Road construction project inHongkong, China. The main reasons for choosing this rig wasconsidering its higher productivity, lower fuel consumption rate than the normal ROC D7 and more important, environment friendly in controlling noise level when it is working  in the downtown area .
Better productivity and overall economy
One of the main features on the SmartRig, is the rock drill control system that offers higher penetration rates, longer  service life of drill string components as well as anti-jamming functions. It is especially efficient when drilling through overburden. All holes are drilled to an exact depth, for improved fragmentation of blasted rock and smoother benches. Hence, the costs for secondary breaking, crushing, loading and haulage are considerably reduced. Automatic feed positioning reduces set-up time and cancels out operator error by setting the feed to pre-defined angles at the touch of a button. The automatic rod adding system, AutoRAS, enables the operator to drill automatically to a given depth, allowing him to leave the cab to carry out other duties such as maintenance checks or grinding bits.
Hole Navigation System for accuracy
Another main feature on the SmartRig is our Hole Navigation System, HNS, that uses real-time satellite-based Global Positioning System, GPS, for the highest possible drill rig navigation accuracy - within 5 cm in most situations. With HNS, there is no need to mark out holes manually, and the accuracy is such that all holes will be parallel. Using the drill plan on his cab display, he saves time by not having to aim visually to set angles, and by being able to drill more than one hole from a single set-up, resulting in better rig utilization.
The SmartRig system, because it delivers the right amount of power for each phase of the drilling operation from its CAT 6.6 engine, can reduce fuel consumption extensively. Add this to the productivity increase from automatic rod adding and auto feed alignment, and the Silenced SmartRig is a sound investment.
Think smart – drill smart with Atlas Copco SmartRig.
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