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Media / Local company news / The 15th Anniversary Celebration of Atlas Copco (Nanjing) Construction and Mining Equipment Ltd., and the Inauguration of New Facility of Customer Centre & Product Company

The 15th Anniversary Celebration of Atlas Copco (Nanjing) Construction and Mining Equipment Ltd., and the Inauguration of New Facility of Customer Centre & Product Company


May 8, 2009, an important day for Atlas Copco, saw the 15th anniversary celebration of Atlas Copco ( Nanjing) Construction & Mining Equipment Ltd., and the Inauguration of  New Facility of Customer Centre & Product Company.
Many distinguished guests attended the celebration, including Mr. Zhao Xiaojiang, Deputy Mayor of Nanjing, Mr. Liang Jiancai, Governor of Nanjing Qixia District and Director of the Administrative Commission of Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Mr. Bjorn Rosengren, Senior Executive Vice President of Atlas Copco AB and President of Atlas Copco Construction and Mining Technique (CMT), Mr. Andreas Malmberg, President of Atlas Copco Surface Drilling Equipment AB, Mr. Patrik Nolaker, President of Atlas Copco Rock Drill AB, Mr. Johan Halling, President of Atlas Copco Secoroc AB, Mr. Robert Fassl, President of Atlas Copco Drilling Solutions AB, Mr. Peter Salditt, President of Atlas Copco Geotechnical Drilling and Exploration AB, Mr. Henk Brouwer, President of Atlas Copco Construction Tools AB, Mr. Thomas Kung, President of Atlas Copco (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Mr. Magnus Gyllo,  Vice President of Atlas Copco (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Mr. Freddy Man, General Manager of Atlas Copco Construction and Mining Technique Customer Center Greater China, Mr. David Luo, General Manager of Atlas Copco (Nanjing) Construction and Mining Equipment Ltd. Friends from about 20 media organizations and more than 500 customer representatives attended the celebration.
“It is the greatest pleasure to have you here today,” said Mr. Bjorn Rosengren excitedly. “Over the past 15 years, Atlas Copco (Nanjing) Construction and Mining Equipment Ltd. has been going through several important steps, from joint venture to wholly owned, from assembling to independently manufacturing, from single product line to multi product lines. Each of those steps was benchmarking a milestone of our development in China. There were many steps but there is only one theme: to satisfy our customer needs.”
Atlas Copco’s first organization in China was founded in 1983. In the 1920s it started trade with China through distributors. Over the years, with the support from clients, partners and Chinese government, today Atlas Copco has 19 companies in China, employing more than 3,800 people all around China.
Atlas Copco (Nanjing) Construction and Mining Equipment Ltd. is the first plant that Atlas Copco CMT opened in China. “I visited Nanjing in 2006 to attend the inauguration of our first  factory 6 kilometers away from here. Three years later, I’m here again to attend another inauguration. However, today’s customer center is 3 times bigger, and we have a new production site for large diameter blasthole drills. These are no doubt new milestones of our development in China in terms of products and services,” said Mr. Bjorn Rosengren. “One thing we are proud of is that the first drilling rig launched in this new plant is specifically designed and manufactured for the needs of our Chinese customers.”
Although Atlas Copco is a Swedish company, we may well say that Atlas Copco in China is a Chinese company. “We have Chinese engineers to design products that are suitable to the Chinese market and situations. We always have our people around speaking your language, committing to offer a solution to your production and technical issues.” said Mr. Thomas Kung. In the last few years, our business in the construction and mining area has been prosperous. “China is still right under the spotlight now keeping up well while there are many countries having difficult times with the effects of global financial crisis. So there are great opportunities for all of us to be involved in this process.” said Mr. Bjorn Rosengren. “I sincerely hope that the construction and mining industry in China will enjoy long term and sustainable development. I can ensure you that Atlas Copco will participate and contribute to the development in China.”
At the moment, sparkling fireworks and confetti brought the celebration to its climax. It is believed, with the endeavor of the new customer center and the plant, Atlas Copco will turn a new leaf in China in the construction and mining industry!
In the celebration of the anniversary of Atlas Copco Nanjing, the first drilling rig manufactured in the new plant was also officially launched. After the huge red cloth was removed, the marvelous CDM75E blasthole drill debuted itself to guests in a breathtaking appearance. This drill also started the new era of local manufacture of large rotary blasthole drills.
“Atlas Copco’s plants in China are different from its plants in other areas. The Nanjing plant has an independent R&D team led by US engineers. In the future, all rotary drill products needed in the Chinese market will be designed and manufactured in China and may be sold overseas when the market demand arises,” said Mr. Robert Fassl, President of Atlas Copco Drilling Solutions AB at the drill debut. This first CDM75E hydraulic electric-powered blasthole drill manufactured in the Nanjing plant is a product based on an existing mature type - DMM2, with modifications made for requirements of Chinese users, such as the electric motor power source, dry-type dust collection system, cable reeling unit, advanced electro-hydraulic control levers etc. In the future, such advanced products will also be manufactured in China and exported to neighboring countries and regions.
The rotary drill has a wide application in blasthole drilling for open-pit mining, exploration, construction, and hole drilling for water well, natural gas and coal-bed methane. In recent years, as energy supplies tighen, many large open-pit coal mines have increased their production and consequently increased the application of Atlas Copco rotary drills in coal mining industry. With the superior performance, Atlas Copco’s rotary drills have won the trust of many large open-pit coal enterprises in China, including Shenhua Zhunge’er Energy Co. Ltd., Antaibao and Anjialing coal mines of China Coal Energy Pingshuo Co. Ltd., Huolinhe Coal Power Co., Baiyinhua Coal Power Co. and Zhahanao’er Branch of CPI Mengdong Energy Group Co. Ltd. In addition, Conch Cement, the biggest cement manufacturer in China, has been using Atlas Copco DM30 and DM45--large diameter DTH hammer drills in all its 10,000t production lines. Nanfen iron mine of Benxi Steel, the biggest open-pit iron mine in China, recently purchased a PV351, the most advanced and automatic blasthole drill in the world under the control of a joystick-like lever with max drilling diameter of 406mm.  Atlas Copco rotary drills have strong competitiveness in the market.
After the ceremony, the guests visited the product exhibition area in the plant. Strolling among the rigs, they were impressed by the unique “color” of Atlas Copco. “Interaction, Commitment, and Innovation” are the core values of Atlas Copco. “Innovation is a vital driving force for our business. We are fully committed to our customers' business and totally engaged in every project we undertake together. We listen to and understand the needs of our customers and make effort to create new and better solutions,” said Mr. Bjorn Rosengren, sharing his understanding of the company’s core values during the media interview.
With the corporate concepts, Atlas Copco has the great honor to become one of the Official Partners in the Swedish exhibition in World Expo 2010 Shanghai. At the unveiling ceremony, Magnus Gyllo, Vice President of Atlas Copco (China) Investment Co., Ltd., happily introduced, “Sweden has chosen “Sweden - Spirit of Innovation” as the theme for the Swedish participation in Shanghai World Expo. The three key words for the Swedish participation are “Innovation, Sustainability and Communication” which closely match Atlas Copco's core values of “Interaction, Commitment, and Innovation”. As an official partner, Atlas Copco will have exclusive rights to use the VIP-area of the Swedish pavilion during six full days, May 5-10, 2010. During this period, Atlas Copco will host customers, distributors, authorities, employees and families, students and other important stakeholders.”

As a world leading provider of industrial productivity solutions, Atlas Copco is committed to provide superior productivity for customers through interaction and innovation. Over the years, Atlas Copco’s high performance equipment has been supporting the development of the mining industry, especially the cement industry in China. In 1995, Atlas Copco started its cooperation with Jidong Cement, one of the most renowned cement manufacturers in China. In the past 14 years, Atlas Copco has provided over 20 sets of high performance hydraulic drilling rigs for Jidong Cement. In order to strengthen the cooperation to a higher level, both parties have signed a strategic partnership agreement on the day of the celebration. “Atlas Copco is a reliable drill manufacturer. The vigorous support from these suppliers is indispensable to our rapid development. We hope both parties will have closer cooperation in the future,” said Mr. Gong Tianlin, Vice General Manager of Jidong Cement. The firm handshake between Mr. Gong Tianling and Mr. Andreas Malmberg, President of Atlas Copco Surface Drilling Equipment AB, marked the official establishment of strategic partnership between two parties.

In the afternoon, customer interaction activities focusing on Atlas Copco CMT product lines were organized with the theme of “Listening, Sharing, and Developing”. Seminars, product quizzes, and product assembly competitions helped customers further understand the advanced design and superior performance of Atlas Copco products. Adequate and effective communication between suppliers and customers was made possible through these activities, with customer opinion and suggestions being listened to. These interactions made customers fully confident of Atlas Copco’s capability of providing better, safer, and more efficient and environment-friendly mining equipment.
In the evening, Atlas Copco prepared a grand gala dinner for distinguished guests and customers to express the appreciation of customers’ trust and support over the years.

As the economic strength of China being globally recognized, Atlas Copco has great opportunities in China. We believe that, Atlas Copco will stride toward higher goals and greater brilliance in the future while reaping the present successes!

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