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Media / Local company news / Build an Excellent Employer Branding -- Atlas Copco Boosts Universities’ Scholarship/Stipend Fund in China

Build an Excellent Employer Branding -- Atlas Copco Boosts Universities’ Scholarship/Stipend Fund in China


As a world-leading industrial group, Atlas Copco has always been devoted to being a market leader. Creating an excellent employer branding, performing corporate social responsibilities and becoming the best corporate citizen have been its important goals in sustainable development.

A Chinese corporate citizen

Atlas Copco, with over 37,500 employees, is located around 85 countries throughout the world. At present, it has more than 5,500 employees in China, among which 430 serve for Mining and Rock Excavation Technique Customer Center Greater China. In its nearly 30 years' development in China, Atlas Copco has always committed itself to delivering creative solutions on sustainable productivity to our customers. 2013 would witness Atlas Copco’s 140th anniversary of its founding. To make further progress, Atlas Copco will as always implement its strategy of sustainable development, perform its social responsibilities as corporation and make efforts to turn itself into the best corporate citizen in China.

Concern on education and build excellent employer branding

Atlas Copco China - Freddy Man

Freddy Man, General Manager of Atlas Copco Mining and Rock Excavation Technique Customer Center Greater China

Concern on and support for the development of China’s education is an exact reflection of Atlas Copco’s active performance of its corporate social responsibilities and build-up of an excellent employer branding.

Since 2011, Atlas Copco Mining and Rock Excavation Technique Customer Center Greater China has successively launched the program “Atlas Copco Scholarship/ Stipend Fund” in Inner Mongolia University of Science & Technology, Xinjiang University, China University of Geosciences and Kunming University of Science and Technology. Scholarship is intended to encourage students who develop in an all-round way, i.e. morally, intellectually and physically and who stands out in both character and academic performance; while Stipend Fund is intended to fund those whose family is economically disadvantaged yet who are making unremitting efforts to improve themselves. In addition, “Award for Excellent Volunteers as Female Students” is set up seperately to reward those female students who have excellent performance in youth volunteering activities and others of social benefits. Up to now, the programs have provided corresponding grants for 104 students in total from the foregoing universities. Atlas Copco, while supporting China’s education, has won applaud from all sectors of the society during implementation of these programs.

Campus story

Atlas Copco China - Baidi

Bai Di, Student of Inner Mongolia University of Science & Technology

Bai Di, a college student from a distant village in Shanxi Province, now studies in the Mechanical Engineering School of Inner Mongolia University of Science & Technology. His parents, both honest and hardworking farmers, show great expections for him. Bai Di values this hard-earned study opportunity very much. He works hard and goes all out to improve himself at campus and as a result, has achieved remarkable academic performance. He was awarded "Atlas Copco Excellent Undergraduate Scholarship" in 2012. When he was delivering his acceptance speech, he said, “This award means honor, recognition and more importantly, incentive to me. It would inspire me to work harder in my later learning, be more enterprising in my future work and pay back this company and the society by applying what I’ve learned.”

“Cooperation with Inner Mongolia University of Science & Technology started in 2009, involving from on-campus job fairs to set-up of scholarship/ Stipend Fund. These activities have promoted communication and exchange between Atlas Copco and Inner Mongolia University of Science & Technology. Now over 20 graduates from this university have joined to work for Atlas Copco. With good theory and skilled practice, they’ve obtained remarkable accomplishments in their respective posts.” said Freddy Man proudly, General Manager of Atlas Copco Mining and Rock Excavation Technique Customer Center Greater China, in the scholarship/Stipend Fund award ceremony at Inner Mongolia University of Science & Technology. Atlas Copco would continue to maintain a stable and long-term cooperative relationship with Inner Mongolia University of Science & Technology, helping more college students like Bai Di realize their life dreams.

Successful transformation into employees

Atlas Copco China - kamili

Kameljan Shewket, Service engineer of Atlas Copco Mining and Rock Excavation Technique Customer Center Greater China

Atlas Copco has always advocated the caring culture of diversity and variety. Regardless of nationality, gender, ethnicity and religious belief, Atlas Copco would provide for each employee with an equal, impartial, healthy and safe working environment. Our granting principles of scholarship/Stipend Fund also comply with this philosophy, one of which is to encourage that percentage of students from ethnic groups awarded shall be no less than 15%.

Kameljan Shewket, from the Uyghur, is a 23 years' old student full of youthful vigor and spirit from Xinjiang University. He was conferred upon Atlas Copco's excellent undergraduate scholarship in 2011. His parents named him “Kameljan” in the hope that he would grow into an “increasingly perfect” person. He, with such a poetic name, participated in the on-campus job fair held in Xinjiang University in 2011. During strict written examination and interview, He showed active and creative ideas and thoughts in a nearly “perfect” manner, and finally stood out in over 100 students through positive and humorous communication. After graduation in August in 2012, he officially held the post as service engineer in Atlas Copco Mining and Rock Excavation Technique Customer Center Greater China at Xinjiang branch office.

After he graduated from campus and began to work, Kameljan has deeply felt the warmth of Atlas Copco as a big family. A series of systematic and comprehensive training provided by Atlas Copco has helped him get a quick understanding of our culture, development of the industry and working procedures and modes in his post. Recalling his feeling when he took his post, Kameljan said movedly, “As one from a minority, I’m really thankful for the company’s tolerance and embrace of different customs and cultures. Cares from my manager and colleagues has helped me overcome my language barrier and get incorporated into current working conditions successfully. Its leading product solutions, equal and candid communication climate and rich training opportunities have made me foresee my space of future career development clearly. I'm confident now to meet both opportunities and challenges!” Kameljan is in high spirits and full of enthusiasm now, riding on the beautiful and abundant land of Xinjiang and composing the music of his own life.

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Atlas Copco is an industrial group with world-leading positions in compressors, expanders and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems. With innovative products and services, Atlas Copco delivers solutions for sustainable productivity. The company was founded in 1873, is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and has a global reach spanning more than 170 countries. In 2011, Atlas Copco had 37500 employees and revenues of BSEK 81 (BEUR 9).

Atlas Copco’s Mining and Rock Excavation Technique business area provides equipment for drilling and rock excavation, a complete range of related consumables and service through a global network. The business area innovates for sustainable productivity in surface and underground mining, infrastructure, civil works, well drilling and geotechnical applications. Principal product development and manufacturing units are located in Sweden, the United States, Canada, China and India.