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Keep the pace with the Times through Interaction and Innovation


An interview with Mr. Peter Lauwers, General Manager of Compressor Technique, Atlas Copco China

Q:  What is Atlas Copco's core strength compared to other global brands?
A:  Atlas Copco's core strength is its pursuit of providing customers with the best products. Through creativity and communication with customers, we provide customers with products that add the greatest value.

Q:  Can you tell us about the competitive advantage of Atlas Copco's products? In which areas can Atlas Copco's products to be used?
A:  Atlas Copco is the most professional manufacturer of compressors in the world. It has the largest range of air compressors, the most complete production lines, the most complete air compression solutions and the most advanced compressor technology.  Atlas Copco's products have been used in a wide range of applications including ships and trains.

Q:  What new products has Atlas Copco recently put into the market? What are the technological breakthroughs in developing such new products?
A:  It is worth to mentioning that Atlas Copco is the world’s first compressor manufacturer to receive certification for a new industry standard of air purity: ISO 8573-1 “Class 0”. Oil-free compression is gaining increasing popularity in China and Atlas Copco has been rolling out its latest technologies to meet demand. One of the latest technologies to be introduced is the ZD 40 bar compressor, a combination of oil-free screw and piston technologies.

Q:  Can you tell us about Atlas Copco's aftermarket service? How does Atlas Copco provide safe and high efficient service for customers in a timely manner? 
A:  Atlas Copco highlights itself as a service provider of air compressing systems. In China, Atlas Copco provides Chinese customers with an immediate, the best and the fastest service through a China Service Center in Shanghai, spare parts warehouse and service centers established in the six regions of China and hundreds of well-trained engineers all around the country.

Q:  What are the advantages of Atlas Copco's products in terms of energy saving and environmental protection? What is your view on energy saving for compressors?
A:  The GA VSD of Atlas Copco is excellent in energy saving and can provide electricity savings of 35% compared with the adjustment mode of other compressors. It can bring customers incomparable value and the initial investment can be returned in two years. We believe VSD compressors represent a trend for the development of the compressor market.

China has been striving hard in saving energy. We hope we can contribute something to saving energy and protecting the environment by providing energy-saving products. I hope air compressors made by Atlas Copco can save more energy to support the building of China's economy.

For further information please contact:
Jessy Chen, Communication Supervisor
Atlas Copco (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. – Compressor Technique
Phone: +86 21 6108 2388