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Atlas Copco focus on energy at Intermat 2012


Atlas Copco, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of construction equipment, is planning to display an impressive line-up of innovative products for the 2012 Intermat show, 16-21 April, at the Paris-Nord Villepinte center.

There will be no mistaking Atlas Copco’s quest for energy-saving equipment and sustainable productivity when the company welcomes visitors to its booth at Intermat 2012. Its extensive and innovative product range – covering everything from air compressors and drilling equipment to equipment for demolition, crushing, road paving and soil compaction – takes energy efficiency to new heights. The aim is to give contractors the means to meet tougher demands for high productivity at low operating cost for many years to come.


SmartROC T40
Launched at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG show in Las Vegas earlier this year, the new SmartROC T35/T40 surface drill rig has already created a frontline position for itself as a big money saver. Based on a completely new control system platform, it ensures that precisely the right amount of energy is generated for each function. This efficient use of every single kilowatt results in a drastic reduction in fuel consumption – up to 50% depending on rock conditions – and also reduces carbon emissions to a minimum. For this reason, coupled with the rig’s superior performance, the SmartROC T35/T40 has received top ratings from contractors in five countries. Added benefits include a new and improved silencer hood and radio remote control.

Continuing the quest for energy efficiency, Atlas Copco’s fifth generation of CA single drum vibratory rollers breaks new ground for efficiency, environment friendliness and extreme serviceability. The CA5000, CA6000 and CA6500 compactors are the first of their type with cross-mounted engines and run on biodiesel as well as diesel. A “Best Point” fuel-saving system reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to an absolute minimum while the rear-mounted engine and easy-to-open hood allows excellent access for all service and maintenance needs.

QAC 1250
Energy efficiency is also a key feature of the QAC 1250 generator, the first 1 MW generating unit from Atlas Copco. This is a compact, highly reliable unit that delivers up to 1450 kVA/1150 kW of prime power. Specially designed to withstand extreme weather conditions it is equipped with an electric, variable speed, motor-driven cooling fan which ensures optimal fuel consumption. Ideal for remote construction sites, the generator is also very quiet-running (67 dB(A) which makes it a perfect choice in sensitive areas. It is also supplied in the same standard size container as previous models which make it easy, fast and safe to transport and install.

The concept asphalt roller CC900E from Atlas Copco’s road paving specialist Dynapac provides a glimpse of the future and is well worth seeing. With its battery driven system it is entirely emission-free and, if available on the market, would be a world first in asphalt compaction.


Another first, this time for Intermat visitors, is the appearance of Atlas Copco’s Powercrusher range of mobile crushers, clearly demonstrating Atlas Copco’s expertise in crusher technology. Representing the range will be a Powercrusher PC 4, a highly rugged and durable jaw crusher with a capacity of up to up to 300 tonnes per hour. As all Powercrusher units are high quality products developed and manufactured by Atlas Copco in-house, they are perfectly suited for use together with Atlas Copco drill rigs.

WEDA pumps
Another newcomer to the Atlas Copco line-up at Intermat is the Weda pump. Designed for the mining, quarrying, construction, rental and defence industry sectors, WEDA pumps are renowned for performance, reliability and ease of use within the most demanding applications.


HB 4100
When it comes to heavy duty hydraulic breakers, Atlas Copco has excelled once again with the launch of its new HB4100. This breaker is 130kg lighter than its predecessor but gives a better performance and higher efficiency. Durability has been improved to withstand extreme conditions and serviceability has been enhanced, both of which contribute to reducing the total cost of ownership. Furthermore, the service weight of 4100 kg enables smaller carriers (40-70 tonnes) to be used, thereby reducing the initial investment.


The Atlas Copco display will also include a large number of improvements designed to not only make construction operations more productive but also more sustainable.

updated silence kit for the SmartROC T35/T40
For example, Atlas Copco’s updated silence kit for the SmartROC T35/T40drill rig is an intelligent step forward. The kit reduces drilling noise by a further 2 dB(A) to a total sound power reduction of 12 dB(A). Another example is the Radi Remote control unit. Weighing less than 3 kg, has a range of up to 50 m in open terrain and each battery lasts up to 12 hours. it is easily activated by simply switching the mode switch in the cabin to “remote”. designed and manufactured by Atlas Copco in-house, it is compatible with all SmartROC drill rigs wherever in the world they are used

EDGE drill monitor system
Another example is the EDGE drill monitor system for down-the-hole drilling, a system that shows the driller what is happening with the hammer and the bit at the bottom of the hole during drilling. The information is displayed on a screen in real time, allowing the driller to optimize the penetration rate, maintain good flushing and reduce the chance of over-extending the tools, thereby avoiding breakage and costly delays. EDGE can be fitted to all types of deep hole drill rigs that use Secoroc DTH (down-the-hole) hammers.

Durability in drilling is a constant concern and especially when it comes to consumables. Here, too, Atlas Copco has pushed the envelope further with the introduction of T-WiZ, said to be the toughest T-thread system on the market. The combination of T-WhiZ Speedrods and T-WhiZ shank adaptors increases service life by up to 30 percent resulting in fewer rod changes and more productivity per shift.

In the area of underground construction, Atlas Copco’s know-how is well documented and at Intermat the company’s expertise will be represented by a Boomer E2 C drill rig. This two-boom, hydraulic tunnelling and mining rig features Atlas Copco’s advanced Rig Control System and can be equipped with COP 1838ME, COP 2238 as well as COP 3038 rock drills. Together with its heavy duty BUT 45 booms and automatic rod handling system the rig is a favorite choice providing superior productivity for underground contractors around the world.

All in all, the Atlas Copco display at booth (Hall 5B, stand F015 / FO27) promises to be one of the most informative and worthwhile exhibits at Intermat – and for many, a visit that may well lead to lower costs and increased revenues.


Five products from the Atlas Copco range are currently being considered for the coveted Intermat Innovation Awards which will be presented during the show. These are:
  • SmartROC T35/T40 surface drill rig
  • QAC 1250 portable generator
  • CA 6000 single drum vibratory roller
  • CC900E emission free roller
  • XAS 27 compressor

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Atlas Copco is an industrial group with world-leading positions in compressors, expanders and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems. With innovative products and services, Atlas Copco delivers solutions for sustainable productivity. The company was founded in 1873, is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and has a global reach spanning more than 170 countries. In 2011, Atlas Copco had 37 500 employees and revenues of BSEK 81 (BEUR 9). Learn more at

Atlas Copco’s Construction Technique business area provides construction and demolition tools, portable compressors, pumps and generators, lighting towers, and compaction and paving equipment. It offers service through a global network. Construction Technique innovates for sustainable productivity in infrastructure, civil works and road construction projects. Principal product development and manufacturing units are located in Belgium, Germany, Sweden, China and Brazil.

Atlas Copco’s Mining and Rock Excavation Technique business area provides equipment for drilling and rock excavation, a complete range of related consumables and service through a global network. The business area innovates for sustainable productivity in surface and underground mining, infrastructure, civil works, well drilling and geotechnical applications. Principal product development and manufacturing units are located in Sweden, the United States, Canada, China and India.