Thanks to the intelligent Atlas Copco Equipment Satellite System (iACCESS) you can relax during your entire project because we remotely monitor fleet performance in order to improve machine up-time, security and safety.

When we know where your fleet is, what condition it’s in and how it’s performing, we can help::

  • Increase productivity: 24/7 global tracking and performance alerts

  • Reduce maintenance downtime: Optimal planning for service visits

  • Improve response times: Deliver instant information at any given time to the service responsible

  • Safer operations: Two-way communication between equipment users and our experts ensures that all machine interventions are done in the most professional way

  • Reduce cost per project: Continuous fleet activity monitoring ensures efficient equipment use
Remote monitoring that provides you with true peace of mind

The iACCESS remote monitoring modules, installed on Atlas Copco’s Rental units, help track assets, plan maintenance and customize usage alerts.

Regardless of the number of rented units, we provide 24/7 reliability in any location, from metropolitan areas to remote regions, across the globe.

iACCESS monitors and reports on multiple parameters such as main operating conditions, temperatures, pressures, fuel or engine.

Whenever a watched parameter moves outside of the specified range an alert is generated, helping Atlas Copco Rental to take immediate action.