Talented people and teams

An inclusive workplace where employees have equal opportunities is the foundation for innovation and lasting results. This is why we prioritize inclusion, strive to increase diversity, encourage mobility, and provide the conditions for our employees’ growth and development.          

talented peopleWe are committed to promoting equal opportunity in our hiring and promotion processes. We take a firm stance against harassment and other forms of discrimination and have training and processes in place to address any instances of abuse of our code of ethics. Read more about our Business Code of Practice.

The opportunity for employees to continuously learn and develop new skills is vital. A global competence development platform provides easily accessible learning opportunities. Transparent and constructive feedback is an important part, and performance and development discussions are followed up systematically.

Our employees are encouraged to take on new challenges and to move across geographical, organizational and cultural boundaries. Our internal job market is based on the principle that everyone has talent and can develop further. All open positions, except the CEO’s, are advertised in our internal job market.

Learn more about our goals, targets and performance related to our people and culture. 


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