Energy-saving Optimization Helps Enterprises Take Off Again Energy-saving Replacement Application to TaiDu Chemical

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Energy-saving Optimization Helps Enterprises Take Off Again

Energy-saving Replacement Application to TaiDu Chemical


In the southwestern side of China, there is a beautiful city along the Jinsha River - Panzhihua which has 93% of the titanium resources in China and 35% in the world. There are more than 10 billion tons of vanadium-titanium magnetite in Panzhihua and surrounding regions and the mineral resources are extremely rich as well. In the center of these mineral resources Panzhihua city has established the National Key Economic Development Zone -- Jinsha Vanadium Titanium Industrial Park that gathers dozens of vanadium and titanium related enterprises.

Panzhihua TitaDu Chemical Co., Ltd. mainly produces rutile titanium dioxide powder and anatase titanium dioxide used two E132 and two SE132A-8, in total four domestic brands compressors (three operational and one standby) as air source for the whole factory. The total installed capacity was 528kW. After communicating with the head of customer`s equipment department and visiting the air compression station on site, Atlas Copco's product experts proposed a preliminary energy saving optimization plan - use the Atlas Copco G 315 variable speed drive compressor and a GA 160+ compressor to replace the current compressors. Although the initial investment made the customer hesitate but after on-site testing and an analysis by Atlas Copco's specialists, they accepted our proposal to make an optimization plan.

In order to provide the most suitable compressors for their production characteristics, Atlas Copco made a diagnosis, measurement, analysis and evaluation for the entire air compression system, measured the flow, pressure and power consumption accurately. They audited the status of the total compressed air system.

After a complete cycle of data was obtained through an on-site measurement, we were surprised to find that although three 132KW compressors (total air output:  67m3/min) were on running, the air consumption in actual production was less than 40m3/min and the average power consumption reached 324KW! Which means there is more potential for energy savings in the whole air compression system!

According to the on-site measurement data and actual condition, we updated the proposal and decided to replace three original 132KW compressors with one Atlas Copco GA 200-7.5bar oil-injected screw compressor (40.4m3/min), which could reduce the total investment significantly and meet the production air demand as well. With the constant pursuit of excellence in design and the available measurements, the customer saw the sincerity and professionalism of Atlas Copco and finally accepted the proposal.

The GA 200-7.5bar compressor has been put into service for more than one year. Due to the excellent performance of the compressor the customer is very satisfied. After the replacement the energy savings ratio exceeds 25% and the failure rate is reduced drastically, ensuring the continuous operation in the customers production. Considering the life cycle cost, Atlas Copco's air compression system is truly “Cheap and Cheerful".

Today we are using this successful replacement story to promote energy-saving optimization programs like the one in Panzhihua Vanadium-Titanium Industrial Park. We are committed to help all our customers to enjoy the real “Cheap and Cheerful " air compression systems.