Manage your air system’s energy efficiency for ISO 50001 and ISO 110011
Ensure that air quality and efficiency are aligned with legislation
Reduce energy costs by eliminating wasteful practices, leaks, artificial demand and inappropriate use
Is your compressed air system operating at peak performance?

A Peak Performance Assessment from Atlas Copco is worth up to ¥3600 but we offer it FREE of charge as part of our continuing commitment to keeping your energy and production costs down to a minimum. Did you know, for example, that reducing your compressed air pressure by 1 bar could result in energy savings of as much as 7%?

Quality and Environmental Standards

With Atlas Copco, you can manage your air system’s energy efficiency for ISO 50001 and ensure environmental standards such as ISO 14001 with a simple, non-intrusive inspection which leaves you with a comprehensive report on your system’s status and increased productivity potential without any additional commitments.

Impementing ESOS findings

One area audited by an ESOS assessment is compressed air, which accounts on average for 12% of industrial electricity usage in Europe, and as much as 40% in some cases, therefore offers scope for significant energy savings.

Accredited supplier with the prestigious Carbon Trust , Atlas Copco Compressors is a reliable partner when it comes to helping companies to implement the findings of their ESOS assessment in order to reduce their energy consumption. You can take advantage of a range of energy efficient compressors, energy recovery options, and even energy efficient vacuum pumps.

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