Sustainable solutions for the complex of needs

From traditional segments like ethylene and propylene to emerging applications such as fertilizer production, our solutions are always up to the task. Even in rigid chemical/petrochemical environments

Robust and reliable production

A stable supply of air or gas is critical for sustainable production and maximum uptime in your plant. To that end, our tried-and-trusted technology anchors your operation

Safe and compliant equipment

The rigors of chemical and petrochemical environments demand safety in the compressor and expander equipment you deploy. And it requires compliance with international industry standards such as API. We’ve got you covered on all those levels

Dependable products for all (petro)chemical applications

Cover all your chemical and petrochemical compressor equipment needs through one partner. Whether standard or customized and complex, you’ll find that our complete range of compressor and expander products meets your application needs.

  • fertilizer Ammonia, Urea, Nitric Acid
  • refineries MTBE, FCC
  • gas to Liquid GTL
  • coal to Liquid CTL
  • coal to Methanol CTM
  • gas Aromatics PTA, Phenol, Caprolactam, Maleic Andrehyde
  • syngas Hydrogen, CO
  • ethylene / Propylene
  • polyethylene / Polypropylene
  • propane Dehydrogenation