Custom solutions for your energy recovery application

Whether it’s specific pressure levels or broad temperate ranges - our custom-engineered turboexpanders are precisely tailored to meet your application need

Efficient energy recovery and energy storage solution

The industry’s most efficient drive design and our superior component technology, make our turboexpander solutions the steadfast anchor in your energy recovery operation.

Equipped with integral gear technology

All of our turboexpanders and compressors for renewables are equipped with integral gear technology. Work with the industry’s most efficient drive design

Renewables and energy recovery applications

Make the efficiency of our renewables technology work for you. We deliver compressor expander solutions for these applications:

  • geothermal ORC power plants
  • waste heat recovery ORC power plants
  • pressure letdown stations


Geothermal ORC power plants

Anchored firmly at the heart of your binary cycle Organic Rankine (ORC) based power plant, Atlas Copco turboexpanders help you to reliably harness low-to-mind temperature geothermal resources. Resources that represent the largest share of the world’s geothermal energy potential.

Waste heat recovery ORC power plants

Many industrial processes produce heat as a by-product. Otherwise released into the atmosphere, this waste heat can be recovered and turned into useful electrical power. Find out how Atlas Copco turboexpanders help you to convert lost energy from flue, stack or combustion gas into an power-saving asset.

Pressure letdown stations

With natural gas well on its way to becoming the world’s No. 1 energy source, pressure letdown stations are emerging as a growing field for emission-free electricity generation. Atlas Copco’s patented letdown solutions help you to reduce your pressure in an economical way, harvesting true green energy.