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Reliable and cost-efficient supply of nitrogen

Atlas Copco NGP and NGP⁺ PSA generators offer a cost-efficient, reliable and flexible solution for a wide range of nitrogen applications: 

  • Get the right N2 for your application, with a 95% -99.999% purity and a gas flow of up to 3,000 Nm3/h with a single generator.
  • Enjoy the lowest cost of ownership thanks to Atlas Copco’s advances in PSA design and performance, including low air consumption, optimized CMS utilization, extra low load savings, and standby mode.
  • Atlas Copco PSA generators are built to give you industry-leading reliability. Their in-house endurance-tested and qualified valves are just one example.
  • Installation and operation is easy. Purity and quality monitoring can be fully automated. 
  • Meet the quality and purity requirements of demanding applications such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, metal processing, electronics,…
  • Can easily be combined with a traditional purchased gas system (cylinders, dewars or liquid bulk nitrogen).
  • Designed to integrate seamlessly into a new or existing air system.
What is PSA nitrogen generation?
Benefits of on-site nitrogen generation