Optimal stability

ES-Medical keeps your network running within a narrow, pre-defined pressure band for increased process stability and optimized energy usage.

Reduced service costs

By distributing running hours equally across all machines, you reduce service costs substantially. Service all your machines at once.

Excellent connectivity

Our new GatewayTM Profibus/Modbus module offers you extensive remote monitoring and status information on your medical air plant.

Medical monitoring and alarms

The central control system supports all monitoring and alarm functions required according to ISO 7396-1, offering fast and simple integration in your Building Management System.

Strict medical device software

We have developed our Medical air system and its software according to the strict medical software standard EN 62304.

Save dryer running time

At any given moment only one dryer is active. Save on consumables, reduce purge losses and require less maintenance.

One single point of control
The advanced ES-Medical central controller lets you control your entire medical air system through one point. Work with a high quality and consistent air supply through a completely dependable and energy-efficient medical air network at minimum costs.
Our ES-Medical central controller ensures that your compressed air network will match your precise needs, optimizing your energy usage and minimizing your energy costs. Optimizing energy consumption is essential, since energy can represent over 70% of a compressor’s life cycle cost. Energy consumption can account for more than 40% of a medical air system’s total electricity bill.

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