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Tremendous energy savings

Every part of the GA VSD+ MED is designed to achieve the best energy efficiency. Energy savings up to 50% in comparison to a traditional fixed speed compressor.

Small footprint

The novel drive train, incorporating a permanent magnet motor, is much more compact. In combination with the vertical lay-out, you get a floor space reduction of up to 60%.

Safe operation

The GA VSD+ MED is fitted with medical safety features to meet the essential requirements of the ISO7396 or the HTM02-01. We assure trouble-free operation in combination with our central control system.

Wide flow range

The GA VSD+ MED covers a flow range from 1300 till 6900 l/min, ensuring there is always a variant that matches your requirements.

Low noise levels

The use of an oil cooled permanent magnet motor makes it possible to put all noise-producing components into one enclosed compartment. A silent compressor in your hospital.

GA VSD+ MED for continuous operation
With its innovative vertical design, the GA VSD+ MED brings unparalleled benefits to the medical sector. It offers Variable Speed Drive, a compact motor and small footprint thanks to its in-house designed permanent magnet technology. The GA VSD+ MED reduces energy consumption by on average 50%, with uptime assured even in the roughest conditions.

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