Did you know?

The GG screw compressor offers robust compressor design for long service life. Putting superior shaft seal design and unparalleled precision manufacturing to work for you, GG-Series compressors ensure top performance year after year. They are an optimal solution for the high demands of gas grid applications
Built for high efficiency

The Variable Speed Drive (VSD), coupled with inlet pressure control, maximizes flow and minimize required horsepower. By working less to do more, VSD consumes less power, while giving greater process control and requiring less maintenance

Low cost of ownership

Implementing gas screw technology and VSD drive, the GG-Series offers you tremendous savings in terms of energy and maintenance. Well-designed circuits, full accessibility and the capability for predictive maintenance also contribute to a low cost of ownership for your machinery

Gas-tight and secure

Equipment for gas compression must meet more stringent safety requirements than conventional air compressors and the GG-Series more than measures up: 100% gas-tight and in compliance with ATEX Zone 1 & 2

Methane and biomethane compressors

Combining outstanding performance and safety in a compact, cost-efficient package, our GG-Series oil-lubricated gas screw compressors meet the demands of the rugged methane and biomethane gas grid injection facilities. Powered by Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology, GG-Series compressors do not only help reduce power bills, but also significantly lower the wear-and-tear on your compressor. That, in turn, reduces your maintenance cost and service intervals

Optimal control and safety
An easy-to-use control system – the Elektronikon MkV control & monitoring system – lets you keep an eye on all parameters of your daily operations. Add to that key features including an emergency solenoid valve shutdown stop – to isolate the compressor from the gas supply in emergencies – as well as gas detection sensors and software, and you get an ultimately safe compressor solution. With a compact and robust design to meet the high safety demands in the methane/biogas industry, GG-Series compressors comply with the stringent ATEX Zone 1 & 2 design requirements and CE directives. Security functions are handled by a SIL2 PLC (according to IEC 61508), making the GG-Series one of the safest and most reliable choices in the industry.
Technical product specifications GG-Series gas screw compressor

Working Pressure

0 bar(a) - 16 bar(a) 0 psia - 232 psia

Effective Flow Rate

75 Nm³/h - 900 Nm³/h 44 scfm - 530 scfm

Installed Motor Power

90 kW - 132 kW 120 HP - 177 HP