Energy consumption accounts for up to 70% of the lifecycle cost of a compressed air installation. Discover how you can maximize your compressor room efficiency.
Understand your compressed air system

Do you know whether your compressed air system is efficient?
We inspect your entire air system, from the compressors via the air net to the demand side. Based on these checks, we identify potential savings and recommend actions to achieve these savings.

Repair compressed air leaks

Did you know that up to 20% of the energy consumption in your compressed air system could be lost to air leaks? That’s a lot of money you are blowing away.
With RePress, leaks are fixed while the distribution net is under pressure, and without dismantling pipes or couplings.

Recover Thermal Energy

During air compression, heat is generated. This is diverted to the cooling system and released into the atmosphere. However, this thermal energy can be put to good use.
That’s where Energy Recovery comes in. It recovers the heat so it can be used for workspace heating, hot water or industrial processes. Your compressor is “creating” energy. Don’t let it go to waste!

Upgrade your controls
In a multiple compressor installation, central control contributes to a more accurate pressure output and reduced energy consumption. Upgrading equipment to our latest technologies invariably results in efficiency improvements.
Monitor your compressed air installation

SMARTLINK  enables you to follow up on the performance and service status of all the equipment in your air compressor room. Detailed reports help you keep track of your energy efficiency, also allowing Energy Management according to ISO 50001

Get quick and easy access to your air compressor's information

AIRlink is a customizable mobile app, highlighting the key operational status and performance indicators of your compressed air installation from any place and any time. 

Maximize your efficiency