Complete compressor care

On-time maintenance by expert service engineers, genuine parts, proactive upgrades and compressor overhauls

Total risk coverage

This means we take care of all your compressor repairs and even breakdowns, without extra charges

Ultimate efficiency

Fitting the latest drive line components gives you as-new levels of compressor efficiency and reliability

How does a Total Responsibility Plan ensure maximum uptime?
A Total Responsibility Plan has it all: experienced service engineers fitting genuine Atlas Copco parts at the right time, ensuring sustained reliability in between service visits. Proactive repairs prevent problems from escalating and priority emergency support ensures a guaranteed response time.
How does preventive maintenance reduce my risk?
Even if routine maintenance is taken care of professionally, there may be the need for a repair, or even a full overhaul. This leads to extra administration as well as unexpected extra costs. Within a Total Responsibility Plan, repairs and overhauls are included. As your compressor is updated with the latest technology, unrivalled levels of energy efficiency are achieved.
What would maximum uptime cost me if I arrange it myself?
You need at least all parts in stock and one highly trained technician available 24/7. Yet this will not eliminate sudden cost spikes. The Total Responsibility Plan will, because it covers everything for a single rate.
We keep your compressors running
Atlas Copco takes total responsibility for your compressors. Contact your Atlas Copco representative today
Total Care - The best compressor service value
Total Care keeps your compressed air equipment running in optimal condition, taking all maintenance off your hands. It includes all service visits as well as proactive repairs, except element overhauls. Total Care is your recipe for more uptime, better energy efficiency and increased reliability, all at a predictable cost.
What level of support do I get with Total Care?
Thanks to our experienced engineers and the genuine air compressor parts that were designed for your compressor, reliability remains at the highest level. Proactive interventions and priority support: it’s all part of the service value you get with Total Care. Thanks to SMARTLINK monitoring, you can keep track of the efficiency of your compressed air system without even visiting the compressor room.