Genuine air compressor parts are the only ones that are really designed for your compressor or vacuum pump. By keeping your system integrity intact, they ensure the performance level you expect from your equipment.
The right replacement parts at the right time
Every part is subject to wear and needs to be replaced at specific intervals. As the manufacturer, we know exactly which parts are needed, and when. We can offer them in a single package or service kit, saving you time and resources.
Air compressor filters and separators
Avoid damage or performance loss in your air compressors or vacuum pumps. Keep away dust and dirt contamination with genuine compressor filters and separators
Air compressor oil for uptime and performance
We choose your compressor oil carefully, depending on your application, site conditions, flow patterns etc. This extends your service life, machine lifetime and performance.
Xchange and upgrades
Working conditions are hard for compressors and vacuum pumps. When after years of operation, it’s time to replace a motor or element, you can insert the newest technologies for even better performance and energy efficiency.

Air compressor parts