Unique mix of additives

Tailored to the specific needs of your equipment


The high-quality oil ensures maximum protection.

Prevent foaming

Anti-foaming improves your air quality

The secret is in the blend
What makes our compressor lubricants unique is their mix of additives. These ensure the lubricant will perform just as it should, with properties such as oxidation resistance, viscosity at low temperatures, anti-foaming. Apart from the basic functions of lubrication and heat absorption, the lubricants prevent corrosion, contamination and premature wear.
What if I use a generic compressor oil?
Generic, standard oils are made for various types of equipment with standard requirements. However, compressors and vacuum pumps are complex instruments and often operate in demanding conditions. Based on our expertise in compression and in close collaboration with oil companies, we develop a unique additive package that meets all the demands of your equipment.
What is the risk of choosing the wrong compressor oil?
The wrong lubricant can increase several risks, such as a shortened equipment lifetime, the formation of deposits in the oil circuit and on moving parts, and insufficient lubrication of vital parts like the element. A non-genuine lubricant may degrade the sealing, and can corrode metal parts due to oil oxidation. Foaming can cause oil carryover, resulting in poor air quality because of oil particles in the system. Avoid these risks by choosing Atlas Copco lubricants.
Pick the right type of oil
The combination of your compressor or vacuum pump, application and ambient conditions is unique. So to get the best performance and reliability, choose a one-of-a-kind lubricant as well. Our range includes synthetic air compressor oils, mineral based oil and NSF certified Food grade oil. Explore our range or contact your Atlas Copco representative today.