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As Atlas Copco celebrates 100 years in the UK, we get to know our team better and share some memories of Atlas Copco over their careers

Our current Year in Industry student, George, has been interviewing members of the Power Technique Team to gather some memories and some insight into why Atlas Copco stands the test of time.


Peter Dean
Peter Dean

What is your current role at Atlas Copco?
I am the Product Marketing Manager for the Power Technique division.

What does your role entail?
I am the internal support for the sales engineers and internal staff for any sales related enquires, queries or problems. I generate the price lists and I also manage the demo fleet and anything else that comes my way.

How long have you worked at Atlas Copco?
I have worked at Atlas Copco for 35 years!

Have you always been in this role?
No, I started off in the drawing office at Atlas Copco as a drafts man, which I did for four years. I then went into product support for electric piston compressors for Atlas Copco Compressors division. I progressed from there onto the oil injected compressors and supported what was called Service Air at the time – which was piston compressors and small GA compressors. From there I went on to be product support for Z compressors, which are the large oil free electric compressors. I then moved to the Portable Air division and went on to help set up the rental division. I was then transferred from the Compressors division to Construction and Mining (now Power Technique) and became Product Marketing Manager from that point.

What has been one of your favourite moments whilst working at Atlas Copco?
I have been with the company so long I don’t have just one fond memory – there are too many to choose from.

Which Power Technique product is your favourite?
As Product Marketing Manager for all products, I couldn’t pick just one - I like all the products we do!