Power Tools Distribution Center wins the 2019 Environmental Award

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This year the winner of the Atlas Copco Environmental Award is the Power Tools Distribution Center for their outstanding performance in preserving the environment for the future. The award is established to inspire the organization to create business value while reducing their environmental impact.

Power Tools Distribution center launched their Sustainability Road Map in 2016, with a clear ambition to reduce the environmental footprint of the entity. It started with rainwater harvesting to reduce the overall water consumption. Afterwards the center continued with investing in a new more efficient heating installations, installing led lights in the warehouse and moving towards Li-ION batteries for the rolling equipment. After significantly reducing the energy consumption, solar panels are installed as the next step in the energy reduction roadmap. In each step of the strategy, the entity ensured the achieved result before continuing. With successfully decreasing the electricity consumption by 31% since 2016 and water consumption by 34% since 2016, the roadmap continues with a new focus on packaging in 2020.

"The SHEQ-council selected this initiative as the winner because it addresses one of the Group's KPIs, to reduce CO2 emission from operations and transport, and shows how we can achieve great results by focused efforts in reducing our environmental impact. We believe this initiative will inspire others, both within and outside the Atlas Copco Group", said Martin Tollner, Chair of the SHEQ Council and Division President, Semiconductor Chamber Solutions, "I would also like to take the opportunity to thank all colleagues from all four business areas for actively participating and continuously contributing to further enhance our work to reduce our environmental impact."