Delivery of exact same setup required for your machine
Performs as good as a new engine
Inventory available in the Atlas Copco global network
What is in a Reconditioned Engine?


A reconditioned engine, is a used engine that has received major repairs, including block re-boring, crankshaft re-grinding, valves re-facing just to mention a few. It is given a second life to perform as good as a new engine, as everything that could wear out has been replaced. 

After Dyno-testing, in essence it is a new engine!!

What is included in a reconditioned engine?
  • Spotlessly cleaned cast iron engine block – Reconditioned 
  • Crankshaft (STD size) – reconditioned / re-grounded 
  • Crankshaft main BEARINGS – NEW 
  • Camshaft (STD size) – reconditioned or NEW 
  • Camshaft BEARINGS – NEW 
  • Reconditioned CONNECTION RODS with NEW BUSHINGS 
  • Connection rod BEARINGS – NEW 
  • NEW pistons (set complete with rings, pin and clip) 
  • NEW cylinder liners 
  • Reconditioned Fuel Injection pump 
  • Reconditioned Fuel injectors (complete with nozzles / atomizers) 
  • Reconditioned Cylinder head complete with the valves, guides and springs 
  • Reconditioned or NEW valve tappets, push-rods, valve lifters, timing chain, rocker-arms and tubes 
  • Cylinder head gasket and bolts/studs – NEW 
  • Oil pump – NEW 
  • Water pump – reconditioned or NEW 
  • Turbocharger – reconditioned or NEW 
  • Engine gasket set complete – NEW 
  • Oil and fuel filters – NEW 
  • Used oil pan, flywheel and flywheel housing, air lines, inlet and exhaust manifolds