The complete picture

There is much more to soil compaction than the roller. When we developed this generation, we applied our unmatched know-how in the field of soil compaction to the entire compaction mission. This ranges from planning the task, through the rolling phase, to analyzing the results once the job is complete.

Fast. Simple. Profitable.

Our aim is to make your compaction mission as fast, simple and profitable as possible, from beginning to end. To achieve this, we focus on three clear steps: Preparation, Performance and Protocol – we call it Mission Compaction.

Feedback on progress and position

Your fifth generation Dynapac CA soil compactor is warmed up and ready to roll. Start compacting and the Dynapac CA roller, with Compaction Meter and Dyna@Lyzer, gives you continuous information on the increase in compaction and reveals weak areas. Compaction results are displayed on the computer screen, allowing you to focus the compaction energy on the ground surfaces that need additional compaction. The screen also displays the position of the roller in relation to a selected reference line for the section, so you always know precisely where you are.