Atlas Copco to draft industry standard on energy efficiency label for oil-free screw compressor

August 1, 2017

Powerful Combination with Hefei General Machinery Research Institute to promote the development of environmental protection

Representatives from Atlas Copco Compressor Technique China Customer Center met with the top management of Hefei General Machinery Research Institute (HGMRI) recently. The two parties thoroughly discussed about future cooperation on compressors and dryers, and reached a number of cooperative agreements. The meeting fully demonstrated Atlas Copco's confidence in its products as the market leader in energy efficient compressors.

Attendees of the exchange meeting included: Mr. Chen Fang, Secretary-General of National Technical Committee 145 on Compressor of Standardization Administration of China; Mr. Qian Zegang, Deputy Chief Engineer of HGMRI; Mr. Sun Xiaoming, Deputy Dean of HGMRI Inspection Institute; Mr. Dirk Beyts, General Manager for Compressor Technique of Atlas Copco (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., together with Mr. Lin Mao, Business Line Manager of Oil-free Air Division, and other product experts from the marketing department of Oil-free Air Division.

In the meeting, HGMRI presented a report on the situation of China's compressor market and the implementation of national standards, and conducted thorough discussion and exchange on such commonly concerned topics as inspection and evaluation of energy efficiency rate.

Atlas Copco put forward relevant opinions and feedback with regard to national standards on compressors and dryers, and expressed the intention to improve the evaluation on energy efficiency label with oil-injected screw compressor. Meanwhile, the meeting reached a key decision to have Atlas Copco draft the industry standard on the energy efficiency label with oil-free screw compressor.

“Since Atlas Copco and HGMRI are both industry leaders, we have the responsibility and obligation to jointly promote the upgrade of environmental friendly products in the compressor industry, and to improve the industrial standards on compressed air. Today, I'm so glad that we have reached the consensus to continue our strong cooperation.”

Mr. Dirk Beyts

Atlas Copco, as a leading supplier of compressors and dryers, sets a leading example on implementation of national standards. We keep investing on compressor R&D and continuously makes innovation. We also take the lead in making the commitment to use environmental friendly refrigerant only and has been actively promoting the use of environmental friendly refrigerant across the entire industry.

For a long time, HGMRI has been cooperating well with Atlas Copco on national standards and industry association. Atlas Copco is committed to further innovate for energy conservation and environmental protection, and to continuous efforts on helping customers save energy, reduce production cost and enhance competitiveness. Nowadays market demands compressor air system with higher overall energy efficiency and environmental protection. HGMRI's Inspection Institute and Atlas Copco will therefore conduct cooperation in an increasingly frequent manner, and will also extend cooperation to ever more diversified projects.

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