Atlas Copco’s newest GA75-110VSD+ compressor range.

December 1, 2017

Customers can enjoy industry-leading cost savings by using Atlas Copco’s newest GA75-110VSD+ compressor range. New VSD+ technology reduces energy consumption by 50% on average

November 23, 2017 – Antwerp, Belgium – Atlas Copco’s revolutionary VSD+ is bringing industry-leading operational savings to medium-size and large companies. The technology is now also available for the larger models of Atlas Copco’s GA oil-injected rotary screw compressors. The extremely compact GA 75-110 VSD+ delivers reliable quality air with energy savings of 50% on average. “The GA 75-110 VSD+ is an industrial game-changer,” says Bert Derom of Atlas Copco.

With the new GA 75-110 VSD+, Atlas Copco meets and exceeds customer efficiency standards and goals. While traditional fixed-speed compressors cannot accommodate any fluctuations in compressed air demand, Atlas Copco’s variable speed drive (VSD) is able to closely match air requirements by automatically adjusting motor speed. As a result, the VSD+, offers energy savings of 50% on average. The game changing innovation of VSD+ is in the drive train, the combination of motor and compression element. The Interior Permanent Magnet (iPM) motor was designed in-house, with special attention to cooling requirements and efficiency. There is no coupling or gears between the motor and screw element, so it is direct-driven, exceptionally quiet and extremely energy-efficient. The drive train of the VSD+ is a closed circuit, in which both motor and elements are cooled with oil, another great way to save energy.

Aside from the drive train, the new GA 75-110 VSD+ features a number of premium components, including the innovative Neos inverter and a fully integrated dryer. As a result, customers enjoy:

- A Free Air Delivery (FAD) increase of up to 6%.

- An extremely small footprint thanks to its unique vertical build.

- High quality air that safeguards production reliability and quality.

Atlas Copco previously offered the VSD+ technology for its smaller GA ranges. Now, VSD+ is available for the company’s acclaimed oil-injected rotary screw compressors up to the GA 75-110 kW (100-150 hp) models.

“With the GA 75-110 VSD+, we deliver the energy efficiency medium-size and large companies are looking for and much more,” said Bert Derom, Atlas Copco Industrial Air Vice President of Marketing. “Compressed air is something they should not have to worry about. It has to be available whenever they need it. That is why our customers have always loved the GA for its reliability and performance. VSD+ now also gives them big operational savings. Let’s not forget that most of a compressor’s cost is energy-related. VSD+ delivers long lasting cost reductions.”

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