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Atlas Copco core drilling rig in uranium mines --Safe, reliable and efficient, none is dispensable

With the continuous development of nuclear industry, China's demand for natural uranium increases continuously.

As the main investor and owner of China's nuclear power stations, the main body of China's nuclear power technology development, supplier of China's nuclear power design and nuclear fuels, the Geology and Mining Division (GMD) of China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) is mainly engaged in the exploration, development and mining metallurgy work of resource projects such as uranium mine, etc. at home and abroad.

Since 2015 the GMD purchased Atlas Copco Boyles C8C exploration drilling rig, it has carried on multiple projects of uranium mine exploration in Inner Mongolia and other places. In the first project, Boyles C8C finished drilling depth of more than 4100 m in five months, its average speed is 2.21 m per hour, nearly 1 kilometer per month, greatly improved the exploration ability of uranium mine.

“Atlas Copco Boyles C8C drilling rig has strong power, high rotational speed and large torque. In some hard rock mining areas, when hole depth reaches more than 400 meters, revolving speed can still reach more than 800 turns, drilling ability is truly very strong," Yang Aijun, Manager of 208 Brigade Drilling Engineering Company of Nuclear Industry, said with satisfaction.

Since put into use, Boyles C8C drilling rig hasn’t any fault. Due to the low failure rate and high automation, drilling rig personnel number decreases largely. The plant adopts the working system of three groups, two shifts without any interval for a day, there were 3-4 workers per group before, now 2 workers, the equipment maintenance personnel number decreases accordingly, and it greatly reduces labor cost.

In addition, Boyles C8C is equipped with a wireless remote control system, with which operator is more secure for remote operation. And the device can easily go up and down 30°steep slope, needn’t disassembly and save the duration of a project.

Boyles C8C drilling rig is also installed with electronic monitoring to realize self-protection, when the resistance inside hole suddenly increases, rig can automatically unload, which effectively prevents the happening of an accident in the hole. “The drilling rig without this function will work until drill pipe rupture, then it can stop. The success rate of processing accident in the hole was only 50%, that is to say, once an accident occurs, the hole is likely to be scrapped. This not only causes huge economic losses, but also seriously affects the time limit for a project.” Yang Aijun said when he talked about the security of Atlas Copco Boyles C8C drilling rig.

As China's exploration ability of uranium mine ascends, the GMD will continue to increase the demand for exploration equipment. Meanwhile, we all believe that Atlas Copco drilling rig will become the most ideal choice due to its reliable quality, high performance, high security and fast service. The cooperation of both parties has only just begun...

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