Atlas Copco 2023 AMTS tour ends successfully with new products and technologies to empower industry transformation to intelligence

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From July 5 to 8, 2023, the 18th Shanghai Automotive, Manufacturing, Technology & Material Show (AMTS & AHTE 2023) was held at the Shanghai Expo Center, where two business areas of Atlas Copco, Industrial Technique and Compressor Technique, presented new products and innovative technologies to the major industry event.


2023 AMTS&AHTE 1


Atlas Copco Industrial Technology is dedicated to providing customers with innovative and sustainable industrial tools and assembly system solutions. With the theme of "Intelligence Drives Future" at AMTS & AHTE 2023, it displayed four smart automotive process, smart manufacturing of electric vehicle’s battery, automation solutions, new innovative product display area and data-driven services, focusing on electrification, automation and digitalization, which drive industrial transformation.


On the first day of the exhibition, the new assembly concept "Smart integrated assembly - the road to smart factory" was officially released. The concept delves into the challenges in the manufacturing and assembly process, and the impacts of technology breakthroughs and major trends, outlines the transformation roadmap of smart factories, helps customers to clarify the stage of their factories, and empowers customers during their journey to smart factories. With five topics of joint fastened, station controlled, station automated, line connected, factory integrated Smart Factory covers a portfolio, structure and ecosystem of Atlas Copco hardware, software and services, providing values to customers at every stage of the product manufacturing cycle, from design, prototyping and preproduction to mass production and after-sales service.


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At the same time, Atlas Copco Industrial Assembly Solutions launched the new Enso Paint coating system, a new generation of industry-proven SCA coating equipment that covers almost all coating processes in the industry and greatly improved the quality, flexibility and productivity of the paint shop.


2023 AMTS&AHTE 3


In recent years, with the boom of new products and technologies, the development of electric vehicles in China is well-known to all. Atlas Copco has always cared about the development of the electric vehicle industry, and this exhibition brings the overall battery smart manufacturing solutions. The solution involves all aspects of battery production, including cell bonding and dispensing application, self-pierce riveting of battery modules, flow drilling connection, tightening and industrial vision positioning of battery tray assembly, dispensing applications for battery pack thermal management and tightening solutions for module assembling, fire protection process, flow drilling connection and bolt vision tightening of battery covers, as well as waxing process to enhance the overall sealing and corrosion prevention of battery packs, and so on.


2023 AMTS&AHTE 4


Meanwhile, Atlas Copco continues to invest in the development of the automation and vision fields. During the show it presented solutions of automation and screw feeder for automotive electronics, consumer electronics and other industries, as well as solutions combining tightening and dispensing technology, automation solutions for tightening, robotics and vision integration. It will visualize the intelligence and automation in industrial manufacturing with a new perspective of automated assembly.


2023 AMTS&AHTE 5


In addition, a number of new innovative products for flexible deployment and tightening were also presented at AMTS&AHTE 2023, including the Power Focus 8 controller and the integrated tool Tensor IxB series, of which the ITB-P was recently honored with the 2023 Red Dot Design Award for " successfully integrates aesthetic aspects into a tool that is excellently geared to practical requirements."


Compressed air system solutions for the automotive industry from the Compressor business area support automotive manufacturing steps such as battery production, instrumentation air supply, paint spraying, pneumatic conveying, mounting, glass lamination testing, and wastewater treatment with complete compressed air and gas plants at the lowest possible cost and low energy consumption.


2023 AMTS&AHTE 6


In addition to the diversified product display, Atlas Copco also held seminars and speeches on the booth, with topics on the intelligent assembly, new energy automobile assembly solutions, vision inspection technology and so on, which enabled visitors to get a diversified experience, gain new knowledge of the industry, and feel the charm of intelligent manufacturing.


Atlas Copco's twenty-five years in Greater China have witnessed many historic moments in the development and innovation of China's automotive industry. In the era of Industry 4.0 with keywords such as "new energy", "digitization" and "intelligent manufacturing", Atlas Copco is committed to continuously providing intelligent, reliable and sustainable solutions to its customers in the automotive industry, helping them to improve quality and reduce costs, and realize the transition to smart manufacturing. In the future, Atlas Copco will continue to innovate, and become one of the drivers of the industry's development.




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