Atlas Copco won "Hero Award - 2021 Technology Innovation Model Brand "

Company news

BIDC 2021 Brand Innovation and Development Conference with the theme of "Prospect, Innovation, Mission" was successfully held in Beijing. In the event, Atlas Copco won the " Hero Award - 2021 Technology Innovation Model Brand " with its strong innovation competence and good market reputation.


For nearly 150 years since the company established, Atlas Copco keeps continuous investment in research, development, and innovation to support the changing demand of the customers.


Hero Award - 2021


Take digitalization as an example. Atlas Copco uses data to help customers monitor and collect real-time operation data on equipment to optimize production performance, predict maintenance needs and provide energy-saving measures suggestions, and provide maintenance service by remote control, which not only help customers improve production in an efficient and safe way, but also contribute to energy saving and emissions reduction.


Hero Award - 2021 a


In addition, in the field of smart connected manufacturing, Atlas Copco supports customers to achieve connected manufacturing processes through smart connected tools and quality assurance solutions, such as: more automation, robots and collaborative robots, as well as more machine vision solutions and data-powered services, help industrial customers improve their processes and ensure efficiency and quality at the same time.


In the future, Atlas Copco will keep cooperation with customers from all walks of life to accelerate the digitalization process, help customers grow and build a sustainable future together.


BIDC 2021 Brand Innovation and Development Conference is hosted by the organizing Committee of brand Innovation and Development Conference, which deeply analyzes the opportunities and challenges of brand innovation in various fields from the aspects of scientific and technological innovation, digital technology, artificial intelligence, 5G innovation and development, etc. “Hero award” refers to "hero", to pay tribute to the contributions made by many hero brands.