We always go the extra mile to provide the best possible know-how and technology to help our customers grow, produce and succeed. There is a unique way of achieving this goal – we simply call it The Atlas Copco Way. It is based on our company values: constant innovation and interaction with our customers, plus a commitment to the highest standards in safety, quality and efficiency. These values are the foundation that helps us achieve sustainable productivity for our customers – and for the environment.

Benefits of working with Atlas Copco Marine
  • World-leading player in air/gas compression and purification 
  • More than 130 years of experience 
  • Presence in more than 160 countries 
  • Extensive global service network with highly trained personnel 
  • No compromises on component quality
  • Complete range of solutions and services 
  • One designer, one supplier for all products 


The history of Atlas Copco in the marine business

We were founded in 1873 as AB Atlas. Although railway equipment was AB Atlas's core business, they also manufactured steam engines and fixed steel construction for bridges and buildings. In 1898, AB Atlas merged with AB Diesel Motorer to form AB Atlas Diesel. Their mission: to refine the diesel engine. From 1950 onwards, we became focused on compressed air and the journey to worldwide leadership in this area began...

Based on our company's early roots in compressor techniques, we have built our expertise and expanded our portfolio over decades of research and development and customer interaction. We have grown to become a reliable end-to-end partner in the marine industry.

Marine specialization with Atlas Copco

In more than three decades, Atlas Copco has built a wealth of experience in the LNG market. The company is a true LNG pioneer and remains as one of the strongest innovators in the market. When the tanker “Venator” took to the sea in 1973, it carried an LNG compressor built by Atlas Copco.

In 2000, when the world’s first on-board reliquefaction system was introduced on the “Jamal” vessel, Atlas Copco compressors and expanders were once again the “heart of the plant.” And in 2003, Atlas Copco realized a pilot project for a marine specialist off the coast of Norway, installing a machine that merges compressor and expander functionalities – the Compander.

Atlas Copco has always sold compressors to the marine industry, whether it was for starting air, working air or marine gasses. Before 2005, Ketting Compressoren BV, a Dutch company selling parts on the marine market, bought Atlas Copco piston compressors and converted them into starting air compressors.

Since 2005 Ketting BV is part of the Atlas Copco Group, an acquisition which marked the start for Atlas Copco to design and build a wide range of compressors according to the marine standards and requirements.

And it didn’t stop with only the acquisition of Ketting. In 2007 we have added the Greenfield business of High Pressure Seismic Survey Compressors to our portfolio. Together with their gas compressors of Greenfield a new area was entered.

In 2012 a specialized company in marine nitrogen generators was bought, named Gazcon. With its base in Denmark it was close to the heart of the innovative center of the marine industry and their standard marine design for PSA systems is a good example of that innovative mentality.

Today the Atlas Copco Marine Center develops and produces fully-certified marine solutions, which makes the marine center a trusted partner of all major shipyards and ship owners. We deliver a full scope of equipment and related services for Start Air, Control, Instrument and Working air, Bulk and Feed Air Compressors, Inert gas & Nitrogen Systems, Fuel and Cargo Gasses handling and much more. With the experience from the past, build for today and translate into innovative solutions for tomorrow!