Ensuring maximum compressor reliability for your power plant

Compressed air and gas are the lifeline of your power generation plant. In turn, deficient or unstable supply will bring your entire power plant to a standstill, resulting in huge costs and revenue losses. Providing ultimate reliability and lowest maintenance, our oil-free screw and centrifugal air compressors as well as oil-free centrifugal gas compressors safeguard your plant uptime.

Drawing from a large globally installed compressor base

Work with the power generation industry’s experienced compressor partner. We have built our broad experience through a globally installed base of more than 7000 oil-free and oil-injected compressors, and more than 400 centrifugal gas compressor references.

Delivering a broad power generation experience

Our experience in power generation is not just vast, it’s also diverse. We have immense experience with traditional power plants – be they coal, gas, nuclear or hydro power plants, as well as the newer generation geothermal or concentrated solar power plants. Find out how this strong foundation gives us the know-how and insight to meet your specific requirements.

Supplying best air quality

Team up with the power generation partner delivering the best air quality for your plant. Ensuring smooth operation, instrument air in power plants must be oil-free and moisture-free. The TUV-certified Class Zero air coming from our compressors and dryers exceed your air-quality requirements.

A long tradition in driving global power generation

Electricity that’s available at the push of a button is crucial for our modern lives. But behind this convenience lies the complex and challenging world of power generation, transmission and distribution. It’s a world Atlas Copco has reliably served for over a century with its air and gas compressor solutions. Lean on Atlas Copco compressor reliability. Whether you require a specialized custom or cost-efficient standard compressor, you’ll find we offer end-to-end compressed air and gas solutions for every power generation application. Learn more about the applications we serve:

  • Instrument and plant air (for all plants)
  • Pneumatic conveying for fly ash, limestone, and mill rejects
  • Silo fluidization for ash handling plants
  • Fuel gas boosting (FGB) for gas power plants
  • Purge and atomising air for dual fuel gas power plants
  • Supercritical CO2 (sCO2) for all power plants
Products for the power generation