Are you looking for a new compressor?
Where are air compressors used?

Amounting to as much as 12% of all industrial electricity usage, air compressors are a silent partner to every industry imaginable. Compressors are used by your dentist. There is an air compressor in every cement plant, in every wastewater treatment facility, in every power plant.

There is a compressor somewhere that is supplying the compressed air needed to make almost everything we touch.
From powering pneumatics in production lines to spraying paint. From blowing glass and thermoformed plastics to aerating the water supplied to our taps. 

Why choose an Atlas Copco air compressor?
Reliable air compressors

The continuity of your production matters to us as much as it matters to you. That is why our compressors are some of the most reliable machines you can get. We are a manufacturer that has been at the forefront of development in compressed air for more than 100 years.

Compressor systems with the lowest total cost of ownership

Air compressors are long-term investments that will play a significant part in your business for years to come. The average factory changes air compressors every 7-10 years. This means that the initial capital expenditure is only a fraction of how much your compressor will cost you in total. 70% or more of your air compressor's lifecycle cost will come down to its energy usage.

Our compressors have the lowest total cost of ownership. Owing to ever-improving design and unmatched, energy-efficient variable speed drive motors. That all adds up to a significantly reduced bottom line for you and your factory.

Our compressor installations are tailored for you

What is your greatest concern? Factory footprint? Have a quiet compressor? Good finance options for your equipment? Turnkey installation?


Our sales team will have your needs in mind to suggest the right compressed air system for you. Be it that you need the lowest cost of investment because you are just starting out. Or you need a foolproof compressed air installation with guaranteed uptime.  

Our offer will meet your factory's needs. Speak to our team today to learn more.