ZE&ZA (VSD): high-performance low pressure oil-free air compressors

ZE/ZA fixed and variable speed drive (VSD) low-pressure oil-fee air compressors: high quality performers with a robust design.
Quality first

Don’t compromise on the quality of your production. The ZE/ZA low-pressure compressors are specifically designed to be used in arduous dusty and humid environments.

Zero risk

Air purity is what we stand for: ZE/ZA are ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified, meaning no oil is added during the compression process.

Minimize your energy costs

A whole portfolio of energy saving features to reduce pressure drop and maximize your energy savings. The VSD provides further savings.

Easy installation

The ZE/ZA low-pressure oil-free air packages can be quickly and easily integrated in your compressed air network, saving you time and money.

ZE&ZA (VSD): high quality for low pressure air systems

Especially in dusty and humid environments, you need a reliable, high-quality air source. The ZE/ZA (VSD) low-pressure oil-free air compressors are developed to help you optimize your production process in different applications such as:

  • pneumatic conveying
  • fermentation
  • glass blowing
  • flotation cells