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Zero oil, zero risk

Why compromise on compressed air for your patients? Choose our oil-free medical air compressors, all ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified.

Quiet operation

The low-noise level generated by the SF-MED, make it suitable for hospital environments where patient rooms are closely located to the plant room.

Energy efficiency

The SF-MED is ideal for medical applications where flexibility and energy efficiency are considered crucial.

Advanced control and monitoring

To maximize efficiency and reliability, the Elektronikon® Mk5 controls the main drive motor and regulates the system. In combination with the ES-Medical central controller, it fully monitors your medical air system.

Increased redundancy

On our multi-core SF-MED’s, a shutdown of one element will not cause the full unit to stop. Continued operation with reduced capacity is guaranteed.

Full compliance

The medical compressors are developed to meet the essential requirements of ISO7396 and HTM02-01.

SF-MED for a small footprint
Our SF-MED oil-free scroll compressors are specifically designed to be part of a medical air system. This type of compressor is easy to operate and maintain with a small footprint that saves space in your facility. The SF-MED eliminates the risk of oil contamination while providing an efficient, reliable and highly cost-effective source of oil-free air.

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