Did you know?

Atlas Copco Gas and Process has more than 100 references for polyolefin applications.
decrease maintainability

Smart plug-in concept enables easy access to all rotating parts such as dry face seals, impellers, bearings or vibration probes

Pre-engineered system with configurable options

PolyBlock increases high reliability with a cost-effective design

Proven and field-tested designs

Decades of experience with critical components such as impellers, casings, guide vanes, shaft seals, gears and bearings

Stage design reduces polymerization risk

Entire compressor stage is designed to prevent that polymer dust settles on your equipment

Highly efficient impellers

Our impellers are custom-engineered to your specific process needs for optimum efficiency

Non-geared centrifugal compressor for possible plant availability

PolyBlock is suited to handle your high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and polypropylene (PP) processes. PolyBlock is a cost efficient, highly reliable direct-driven compressor solution that improves the overall availability of your polyolefin plant.

Its smart plug-in design enables easy access to all rotating parts for reduce compressor maintainability at lower costs.

The PolyBlock single-shaft design of critical components – such as shaft seals, gears and bearings – increases compressor robustness to ensure the stable gas supply critical for production. Dry face seals keep process air within the compressor, decrease leakage, and increase all available power is utilized. Dynamically balanced impellers feature backward-leaning blades that are high-speed-tested for efficiency and balance.

By purging the cavity of the inlet guide vanes with clean dry gas, the compressor’s design helps prevent polymerization. This ensures reliable performance of the inlet guide vanes of the compressor and, ultimately, of overall plant production.

The standardized design of PolyBlock is a response to the market’s needs for reliable compressor solutions for the PP/PE industry. Our solution provides flexibility by offering you a number of standard features that can be added to meet your process requirements. At the same time, PolyBlock can meet your high-spec needs by incorporating add-on modules or systems.

With a significantly smaller footprint than its customizable counterparts, PolyBlock supports a maximum level of compressor maintainability to improve the overall availability of your plant.

PolyBlock operates in conformance with API 617, API 614, ERC Russia, CSA/CRN, as well as other codes and regulations.