F25-F355 & F20 A-F100 A & F20 W-F400 W

Designed to perform in heavy and even subtropical conditions, the F dryer supplies you with reliable and cost efficient dry air to ensure consistent operation and protect your compressed air system and end-product against damage and corrosion.
Protecting your reputation and production

By removing moisture from compressed air, F dryers eliminate production downtime and costly repairs and keeping your production running even in the harshest conditions.

Easy installation and long maintenance intervals

Small footprint, delivered ready for use and easy installation. All components are easily accessible to facilitate ergonomic maintenance. High quality components to ensure a long lifetime.

Assuring your peace of mind

With a presence in over 170 countries, Atlas Copco offers professional and timely service with dedicated technicians to guarantee continuous uptime and availability.

F refrigerant air dryers come all-in
F refrigerant air dryers provide you with the clean, dry air with cost-efficiency and reliability to guarantee the high quality of your end-product. All air dryers incorporate unique, patented technology and energy-saving options. They are available 1. in a range of sizes 2. with a pressure dew point as low as ~10°C 3. from 1.5 m³/min – 400 m³/min 4. in an IP44 protected cubicle