Whether you represent the rail industry, the mining industry or the bus industry, our compressors offer suitable and reliable solutions. Our competence is to adapt our products to the most demanding needs in terms of size, energy, noise or climatic conditions …

We come up with the best solutions to optimize our customers' vehicles availability and lower the downtimes. All our solutions are built with this in mind and you can take it a step further when using our oil-free air compressor, lowering filter changes and avoiding oil drains to reduce your maintenance costs. 

You can also rely on Atlas Copco global presence to always find aftermarket and service support close to the vehicle operating location, in more than 180 countries !

Oil-free Scroll Compressor SFR 2-12

The SFR orbiting scroll compressor is an oil-free, low maintenance compressed air solution validated for all mobility applications. Reliable, rated for a 100% duty cycle and suited for the harshest conditions. The SFR offers performance and flexibility with low noise levels, vibrations and life cycle costs. To be installed on top of, inside or underneath the vehicle; special light-weight models for electric and hybrid buses. Available from 200 to 1550 l/min (7 to 55 cfm) free air delivery.

Oil-injected Screw Compressor GAR 5-37

The oil-injected, air-cooled GAR 5-37 screw compressors are designed for mobility applications in extreme ambient conditions. They are a reliable, compact, low-weight, low-noise solution meant to be installed on top of, inside or underneath the vehicle. Available from 500 to 4500 l/min (18 to 160 cfm) free air delivery

Oil-free Pantograph Compressor LFpR/LFxR

For use on any electrically driven vehicle with a pneumatic pantograph, LFpR and LFxR oil-free piston pantograph compressors offer a space-saving design, easy installation and low maintenance. Available from 40 to 83 l/min (1.4 to 3 cfm) free air delivery.

Oil Lub Piston LER LTR & Oil-Free Piston LFR

Space and reliability are key when it comes to air supply in mining equipment and service vehicles. Our range of hydraulic driven compressors is made specifically for these applications. You can chose your hydraulic piston solution from our oil injected LE range, our oil-free LF or the LT high pressure variants up to 30 bar. With a proven reliability in the field of thousands of compressors, we deliver compressors that can be trusted in a cost effective solution. It comes in a tiny package that can be adapted with options like vibration dampers, pressure switches or heavier duty air filtration for the toughest environments. Available from 140 to 1100 l/min (5 to 39 cfm) free air delivery.