Global expertise

Our field service experts are available to erect and commission your machine anywhere we deliver your equipment. Their extensive experience in Gas and Process ensures your set-up receives the best service during this critical phase.

Focus on your core tasks

When everyone is busy with the tasks at hand at your plant or construction site, it is good to have an experienced partner at your side taking complete care of the erection and commissioning. That’s where our dedicated Aftermarket team comes in.

Until all is running smoothly

A plant’s commissioning process is a sensitive matter. Unforeseen situations are likely. Our commitment is guaranteed until your set-up is running smoothly.

Turbo machine erection
Manufacturing customized turbomachinery is a challenging process. Everything needs to fit and work together. But that is done in a controlled environment – the workshop.
The challenge becomes even greater when the machine is shipped and has arrived at site – with the erection process as a first critical step outside the controlled environment.
Our experienced field service personnel makes sure that your machine is built up on site with the same accuracy and care it has been assembled with. This requires good management, in-depth knowledge and long-time experience.
Commissioning competence
After machine setup and alignment to feeding pipes and drives, comes the first start-up. Set points and surge lines are not yet set. Typical of a customized set-up, this step will be done during commissioning. In other words: The machine has not yet set up its own protective system, which makes this a critical phase requiring very careful handling.
Our experienced commissioning engineers support you here, setting up your machine to make it fully operational. With their in-depth knowledge of the machine and its controls, they ensure your operation is not only safe, but will also run with the highest performance levels.