Atlas Copco Group history

On February 21, 1873, Atlas was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, as a manufacturer of products for railways.
Over 145 years later, the company is an industry benchmark with world-leading positions in compressors and tools, but also in many other product areas. Close cooperation with our customers, a constant drive to find a better way and commitment to keeping our promises have made Atlas Copco what it is today.

Atlascopcosaurus Loadsi

Not every company has a dinosaur species officially named after it, but we have the Atlascopcosaurus Loadsi!
Thanks to assistance and equipment from Atlas Coco, paleontologist Thomas H. Rich was able to conduct excavations for a period of ten years at Dinosaur Cove in Australia. A new species was discovered, and in appreciation of the help received, it bears the company's name – Atlascopcosaurus.

Atlas Copco Gold Club

After 25 years of service in Atlas Copco, you qualify for membership of a very special club indeed.
In 1968, the then CEO and President of Atlas Copco, Kurt-Allan Belfrage, decided to reward the hard work and dedication of his longest-serving employees by making them members of an elite club. To this day the Gold Club connects people around the world long after they have retired and keeps the spirit and culture of Atlas Copco alive. There are currently over 4, 000 members worldwide, representing more than 100,000 years of combined experience.

Atlas Copco in China has

19 customer centers

Atlas Copco in China has

11 production facilities

Atlas Copco in China has

1 Research & Development center

Atlas Copco in China has

35 regional branch offices
Atlas Copco China's timeline


As one of the Group's most important markets, Atlas Copco will further develop the Chinese market, expand its market share in China through innovative industrial solutions, and continue to provide sustainable productivity for Chinese customers.