Our six focus areas

To achieve our mission we set ambitious goals that cover six focus areas – profitability, products and services, ethics, safety and well-being, people, and the environment. We regard these areas as necessary to achieve long-term success. 




Learn more about the goals in each focus area and how we measure our progress. Our focus areas are complemented by five strategic pillars for growth.  

Five Strategic Pillars for Growth




Operational excellence


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Our core values

Our core values – interaction, innovation and commitment, reflect how we behave internally and in our relationships with external stakeholders. Learn more about our culture and values. 

Our principle of decentralized responsibility

Atlas Copco is a decentralized Group consisting of independent divisions, organized into four business areas. The main role of a business area is to develop leading technology within its business scope and to follow up on objectives and strategies. This also includes people, environmental and social performance.

The divisions are our highest operational entities with their own profit responsibility. They are in charge of product development, manufacturing, marketing and sales. Each business area also has one or more dedicated service divisions. The divisions generally conduct business through local customer centers and designated product companies.