Digitalization is changing the future of manufacturing.

For many manufacturers in the electronics sector like smartphones, watches, medical devices, avionics, car accessories, it is crucial to embrace the industry 4.0 transformation to remain or become more competitive.

Make sure you are not just buying tools.

It's important for manufacturers to think total solution as they need more and more to get total control of their productivity. By combining the right tools with the right software we can help you digitalizing your low torque assembly process. With our MicroTorque smart solutions, you can capture all your data, manage configurations, software versioning, and access control. We will help you to find a solution that fits perfectly on your existing line, truly contributing., improving it, and giving you total control of it.

Make sure you have a true partner.

To summarize the potential values of Industry 4.0 for low torque tightening assembly process we have listed the 5 main benefits we can bring to your business:
1.) Continuous improvement
2.) Quality and process control
3.) Productivity and flexibility
4.) Transparency and accessibility
5.) Operator friendly solutions

Let us help you reshape your low torque assembly process.