Time saving

In-line monitoring immediately detects quality issues without additional cycletime

100% bead inspection

360° coverage of the application ensures 100% bead inspection

High poductivity level

High image processing frequency allows high productivity levels with robot speeds up to 600 mm/s

Automatic corrections

Repair function enables automatic corrections of unwanted bead interruptions

Reliable bead inspection

Safety critical, structucal bonds such as hem flange applications are one of the most demanding processes in BIW production. This is why a reliable bead inspection is crucial. The Atlas Copco RTVision.t detects errors in width, position and continuity of the bead, providing direct feedback allowing immediate reaction.

Full peformace without any compromises

Not only applications in BIW production call for quality assurance solutions. Battery assembly comes with challenges such as air bubbles or bead accuracy, which have a significant impact on the performance and lifetime of the battery application’s result.The RTVision.t ensures full conductivity and heatdissipation between modules and cooling plates for a long lasting battery.

Different application patterns such as bead, stitch beador swirl can be processed. As the lightning color can be chosen individually, the system is able to detect any material color with highest contact quality.