Quality Integrated Fastening

As part of Atlas Copco’s Quality Integrated Fastening (QIF) concept we offer complete error proofing stations. These are created by combining our advanced tightening equipment with standard Atlas Copco hardware and software components. Integrated error-proofing assembly stations help you avoid costly reworking, raise productivity and ensure quality on your production line. Atlas Copco is one of the few suppliers able to offer a range of products comprehensive enough to build a fully integrated assembly station. QIF error-proofing stations offer the following benefits: Increased product quality, standard modules reduce project and set-up time, fast line re-balancing with standard interfaces, higher productivity due to improved operator guidance and full after sales support from Atlas Copco. Atlas Copco is one of a few supplier able to offer such a large range of products to build a fully integrated assembly station.

Fast, easy set-up

Most QIF products can easily be connected to Power Focus and Pulsor Focus using one I/O Bus cable, and to PowerMACS using one MACS I/O cable. They can be configured using standard Atlas Copco software ToolsTalk. This user-friendly PC software makes programming very simple. A key factor that makes QIF products so well accepted by users is their logical and intuitive set-up. By combining QIF products with ToolsTalk Logic Configurator, it is possible to make logical diagrams with inputs and outputs that further enhance the flexibility of the products.

Error-proofing through intuitive control of the assembly process

Atlas Copco advanced controllers and software provide intuitive monitoring and control of tightening operations performed using Atlas Copco electric assembly tools. Assembly process control and quality assurance is made easy by advanced control functions. The system guides the operator through the assembly process, avoiding mistakes that can result in costly quality problems.