Graph version

Graph version gives you full stand-alone programming possibilities featuring a color display and a full keyboard. When networked, the Graph can function as a programming terminal for other Power Focus units besides excellent operator feedback with diverse visualization options.
Communication to ToolsTalk PF

External USB port for simple and fast communication to programming software ToolsTalk PF

Simplifying functionality upgrade

Supports software key (RBU, rapid backup unit) Silver, Gold and X to run an electrical assembly tool simplifying functionality upgrade. This eliminates the need to replace hardware reducing capital expenditures.

ProfiNet support

ProfiNet support for robust industrial communication

Power Focus 4000
The Power Focus 4000 range controls tools from the Tensor DS, S, ST, STB, STR and ETX families. With its built-in functions, it also participates in controlling the station or line segment. The Power Focus and associated software packages provide easy-to-understand information for everyone, from operators to plant managers. The Power Focus is based on standard hardware and software components which, when combined, will fulfill all demands, from the most basic stand-alone installation to full integration into the factory network. The modules fit together using the “plug-and-play” concept. Assembly process control and quality assurance is made easy by advanced control functions. On receipt of assembly information, the Power Focus automatically selects the correct tightening sequence and parameters. The operator is guided through the process, avoiding mistakes that can result in costly quality problems. Power Focus is a modular range of controllers, with full flexibility, designed for applications ranging from single spindle hand-held operations to fixtured multiple nutrunnning systems. Advanced process control and monitoring functions make it easy to view and collect data using the Internet infrastructure.
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