Quality Assurance and Manual Fastening

Problems related to tightening account for a growing percentage of total warranty costs. A loose or improperly tightened joint in any assembly operation can cause serious problems and have serious consequences for end-users and result in damaged brand image for the manufacturer. Atlas Copco has developed a comprehensive quality assurance system designed to eliminate these problems. Atlas Copco’s tightening quality assurance system meets torque, angle and pulse measurement requirements for all types of fastening tools and joint verification through the residual torque check process.

The products

In this range there are products that enable you to test the tool capability in the crib or along the line, calibrate the tool in the fastest, most convenient way, perform statistical process control of the performance of the tool along the line to prevent possible tool errors and check the residual torque in an already tightened joint with an advanced algorithm to avoid operator errors and influence.

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